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  1. Some sound/voice related questions from Chikatomba: - are there gonna be an update to general voice transmissions so that it logically follows the plot? why is Ordis still talking to me simulating Lotus during missions? why does my operator say "for the Lotus" while charging into battle? I am pretty sure we are not friends with Lotus anymore.. - will the option to skip dialogue be made more universal? akin pre-profit taker briefing? Listening to Simaris before and after each hunt or accidently clicking on wrong line in 'dialoge' window at Konzu's can get very annoying. Tell me about that infested ship on Eris orbit again, buddy.. - will more voice options/personalities be added to kuva lich system? u guys did an amazing job already, esp male lich personality, but it seems like there is room for so much more. Otherwise, thank you guys very much for all the orgasmic feels in my ears 🙂
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