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  1. Vous êtes sérieux la!? Ok, vous vous êtes excusez en avance et si la maj est dispo à 1h01, j'ai le droit de commencer à me plaindre? 🙃 Franchement aller donner des cours aux autres firmes des jeux triple A, Je suis sur que D.E. peut donner des cours de prévenance et de politesse à tout un tas de gens.
  2. Check with Simaris, i think it is there.
  3. Hi, could we have in our somachord those musics? Usually the game is load up quickly enought and we can't listen a complete track, i have been surprise to discover they are more long than i thought. Could we have them please? ... All of them? ... All update? Arround 2 years ago, one of them was great enought, i yet remember it.
  4. Ah, thats why i didn't have those thermia. I did try few times to complete thermia bounties and lost reward half of the time. (of course i used my Necra a lot) Since then i go back to Deimos, more safe to have rewards and XP with our Necramech.
  5. There is only two ways i know. Or as you said he find someone and promote him, or he erase this clan.
  6. Si tu as atteind le niv 13, alors oui c'est un bug, je te conseille de faire un ticket sur ce site. Sinon, il faudra attendre que tu as ce rang pour la débloquer.
  7. Hi, as my title said, i can't recycle the Apoc and Pulsar (the basic one, not Mk) from my Railjack inventory. Recycle button is missing from railjack UI for them. To try, i builded Carcinox (same level), and this one i could, as others weapons looted. I can equip them, use them, but they take slots in my inventory. I have them since Scarlet spear.
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