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  1. (PS4)Lunsei

    Articula (size matters)

    I searched here for that but only one post speak about that. I'm stunned, nobody want to have articula same size as our warframes?... Nobody want to have your ship or our Dojo full of our "inactive warframes"? Like Tony Stark and his "collection" ? I'm sure more than one have already ask about that since a while. Ho yes about that topic's tittle, Why do we have arround a 60% reduction size on them? I know, memory loading, cache memory, fps etc... Some technical issue limit our wishes. But at least, can we have an articula as a glyphe point, a ghost articula if you want? Does that will reduce our fps capacity? (hope you see what i mean)
  2. (PS4)Lunsei

    Octavia, timing, and buffs...

    I have made some more digging, something have always bothering me, but i did never search for small detail. so i did some test in simulacrum to clear out my doubt. We have only talk about how obtain buff, so it is her third power. But her first and second have the same problem for creativity. The Mallet only do damage when a note is playing and a sound is produce inside his own field. The Resonator while he lurs all ennemies in range, he does a little damage over time only when a note is playing. So we are back where for a better (and easy) result, we have to use a song will a full mandacor like this one (go to last topic) ,than to let us to have our own song.
  3. (PS4)Lunsei

    Octavia, timing, and buffs...

    I like that, if i go that way, i prefer 3 song instead of one or two. 3 song for each power. (Ulti don't change) Each song replace the previous one. It will be funny to start with a lullaby and fnish with hard metal. :) Your pub song is basicaly a buff given without meaning (i'm not confortable with it) and your cordinated song is what i want too, allow us to be creative.
  4. (PS4)Lunsei

    Octavia, timing, and buffs...

    Yep, exactly what i said by my clumsy english. 🙂 That's the hard question, how make an Octavia's improvment without change her purpose. Had a better idea on my previous one. > Buff are giving for player in range of Ocatavia power and perform an emote dance. each emote give different buff. That free us to have whatever song we want to have without a limitation to perform an ackward action in rythm. and maybe resole some "servor freezing problem". (i don't know how say this)
  5. (PS4)Lunsei

    Octavia, timing, and buffs...

    Feel the same. It is a very interesting concept to let people choose a rythm to get a buff. I like this idea. But as you said it is often problematic. Octavia is a support for her team. Not all player get that. We have to move with our team, that's here we have a catch. If we don't play with regular player/friend it's difficult to have this synergy. (maybe) only DE could tell if the most of Octavia's player play more often with their friend. From my point of view, most of Octavia i meet have turn off their volume set and fill up the same octave's row. More easyer to get those buffs ^^ (i do the same), but without a song, it feel a sad Octavia that way. Even when i say it is problematic, i don't want Octavia changed for something esle. It is good the way she is. Have an other way to have those buffs. ONLY IF it'sn't just some random player (like me) who are complaining. Maybe something with distance between each player, more we are pack, more that buff is strong. And just a last crazy idea, Octavia perform a dance emote while her power are running and you get a an other buff.
  6. (PS4)Lunsei

    Raids 2.0 ideas (endgame)

    Lucky for you, i don't have them yet. And i can't spend 2 days in a row to have them. You are able to rush anything DE give to us, that's fine. But not all player are like you.
  7. (PS4)Lunsei

    Whiteboards & Roadmaps: an Update

    No but, mostly i remember you said "subscribe". 😙
  8. (PS4)Lunsei

    idea, Syndicate Infected, new warframe)

    I like some idea and overall i always wanted a "playable infected side". We will see. I wish to see How Mycona people are now (depend of your previous choice of course ^^) But seems to be difficult ( but not impossible) to have a infected syndicate, because Infected want to be IN every living creature. Even if Reidveil and Loka are pretty violent, they don't want kill or convert every body. (i hope... It is difficult to see their true motive ^^) A development of infected/Mycona relationship should be involve. A middle way could be all human are infected with a little touch. A small part of our DNA who content infected side and not change your body shape for a more longer life than for those kids. I'm not against for a benefit exchange. Be a part of infected and have some enhancement of my body. That seems to be a fare trade. 🙂
  9. (PS4)Lunsei

    Buff ranged weapons to balance with melee weapons

    We will see what in 3.0 is. To me, unbalanced weapons are more relative to my experience in team or solo. I'm a melee guy so when i'm in a team of Arca plasmor i'm more useless than a glyph. (it is frustating) But i don't say i never do damage, i can do a sortie solo without riven. And a rifle's bullet don't match one fire of a shotgun (obviously). So it's alwas the same. It depend of yours teammate equipement, enemies type and level, buffs and powers etc... Of course shotgun and sniper are more usualy use, because the common tactics of almost all players is more to shot and kill in the same time.
  10. (PS4)Lunsei

    Limbo Idea

    ho come on, that's seems to be a bug for me. ^^ Why it don't stop a living metal wire but stop all energy and living mater (as Nidus). You get the point. 🙂
  11. (PS4)Lunsei

    Limbo's stasis

    Ok, i get it. I didn't fully understood what he wrote. ^^ If they do that, i will not use this new card. basic stasis is 15 sec, it's already a "long" time to kill your enemies. If not, so it's our weapons who have to be boost.
  12. I like your works, there are the best skins for me. My favourites are Rhino and Oberon, an amazing works you have done. Volt is also great, i really like Nyx but his prime skin is already my choice. Maybe i have missed your post, did you stop Equinox? Or it taken some delay, as you said, end's year holiday have taken from you quite some time. That must be a hell of work. this must be a challenge to draw.
  13. (PS4)Lunsei

    Limbo's stasis

    What do you talking about? A rework last year did give to Limbo's stasis to stop projectile and foes only. Nothing from you and your team (weapon and power)
  14. (PS4)Lunsei

    Sortie feedback

    Have a token "sorties reward" instead to have a random loot. Then as Baro Ki'teer and dukats, you go to a special merchant and choose a reward for a price. ... just dreaming.
  15. (PS4)Lunsei

    Limbo Idea

    Thats the point with nulifer bubble, to erase all warframe power. But i agree, it's very anoying and pointless at some point. I will see when they touch each other, their bubble reduce our quickly overtime instead to destroy it.