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  1. I'm not so sure of that. Of course some powers are needed for others, i know that. So some set will be useless without it. Fusion's powers nerf them, it's already a restriction good enought. If that system have been made for veteran, i don't understand what new things it gives. More grinding that for sure. We have already thousand of thousand of possibilities to set our warframes, it's barely an advantage to use for me.
  2. I did have unlock the 3th rank and subsume only excalibur for now, and check all my warframe to see what could be unlock. My disapointement: - We can choose where a "new" power go but not choose which one we can unlock from a warframe eaten. - Not enought possibilites for now to make that system really interesting. I have very few warframes i wish to make a change of powers. And those powers available from both warframe & helminth are not exiting. - Feeding by Railjack ressources are really too expensive. and some others too ;) Instead to have this mini fusion system, i will pr
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