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  1. Hello everyone, my name is Porky Dog, I was born yesterday and my owner thought it fitting calling me this because he thinks my nose looks kinda piggish. I tried to tell him I'm a mix of giant monstrous bat and a skag but he doesn't get it. I'm looking for a new owner and partner is crime, someone who won't let me die all the time, tired of being at -95% damage and my current owner is going to abandon me to take one of those twerpy flying machines which have no upkeep costs and are easy to maintain without giving it a second thought. I'm sweet and loving, I like to read Nietzsche and watch the Wire, I have a sensitive soul behind my killer grimace, pm me inside the game and we can go hunt some eidolons, I like them grilled with raider on the side. Cheers Ps: I like to pork
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