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  1. you are right same with the akarius
  2. i am talking only about the gauss collection not the harrow skin XD
  3. the wisp one was like 655 i dont think gauss will be a whole lot more
  4. i have 740 plat and its so hard to not buy anything else XD
  5. Am i the only one getting some jovian concord release date vibes?
  6. What is the leverian have i missed something?
  7. oh the hotfix changes....wow i am dumb
  8. where will we see it on our orbiter when we launch the game or somewhere at the forums?
  9. MAY 21 UPDATE: Happy Tuesday! We are on track for release this week. We traditionally release Wednesdays or Thursdays - so you can expect Red Text to appear one of those days.... we're very excited, Tenno. The Anticipation! what is red text?
  10. do what you gotta do just pls dont come next week and tell us there is another delay
  11. i am not saying dont do release the entire boss fight at a later date i am saying the things that are so minor like some dialog (if it is helpfull in the boss fight then sure add it) but polishing the bad ass moments everyone will pretty much skip them if we have the ability to do so.But same with buried debts for the orb we litteraly had to wait like maybe a week i dont remember till we could even play the boss fight
  12. So the new game mode is ready then why not release the jovian concord and the boss fight stuff release them on a later date when its ready
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