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  1. Thank you very much for removing melee heavy attack trigger by holding 'E' which resulted in erratic unwanted melee heavy attacks when I'm pressing 'E' rapidly to melee. The erratic loss of melee combo counter made me avoid using melee combo mods. The problem seems to happen more with certain melee weapons than others - it happened often with my current main melee weapon Lesion. Ideally there should be a toggle to enable or disable the holding 'E' option but I guess that's not a trivial programming problem. Anyway this change among other fixes are enough for me to lift my Warframe purchase moratorium just in time before Ash Prime & Vauban Prime return to the Vault!
  2. After reading the reactions to this latest hot fix I'm still going to hold off on even building the dry dock. I might consider spending more money on Warframe again if DE would at least remove or give the option to remove the "hold-E" for heavy attack which has ruined all my melee combo builds...
  3. Interesting that DE also broke the ceiling turrets in the Corpus tile sets with the Empyrean update so that they're invulnerable even when active. My son also reported the same problem with the Lynx turrets. This bug is still not fixed as of 27.0.10.
  4. 27.0.9 looks like a decent first 2020 hotfix for Empyrean which I consider to be still in beta stage from all the complaints I'm reading. I'm staying away from the Kuva Lich & Railjack contents until more bugs and play balance problems are fixed (just finished The War Within so I have lots of other things to do). The problems with The Old Blood & Empyrean has dampened my enthusiasm for the game so I will not spend any more money on Warframe until things get better.
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