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  1. I haven't ran into this problem in a while (knock on wood) but it looks like it's manifesting with increasing frequency from seeing the recent bug reports. It's the kind of game bug that really kills player's enthusiasm to play the game so DE needs to fix this now. One solution could be to make all doors leading somewhere in the mission to be destructible after taking A LOT of damage so that it would normally be more convenient for players to open these doors the normal way.
  2. The "Help Clem" mission is listed again today so I tried playing it. Darvo sent me to Saturn vs. Infested, which was the same setup like the previous night. I completed the mission and did not receive the Clem Clone blueprint. The "Help Clem" mission is back on the list. Please fix this bug!
  3. I played the weekly "Help Clem" mission last night and completed it but did not see the Clem Clone blueprint on the mission completion screen loots section. I'm not sure whether I actually receive the blueprint or not since I did not keep track of what I had in my inventory (now show 12 blueprints). The mission did disappear from the list though.
  4. OK I got my 3 days credit booster drop. Thank you very much for fixing the problem!
  5. I checked my account to confirm that it's still linked to Twitch. I did receive the Lotus Ephemera and Nekros Prime from watching the TennoCon stream through Twitch.
  6. I watched the entire stream through twitch.tv and did not get the drop in my PC account yet 😞
  7. I've only been playing since around March of this year and only have the Scindo Prime from a Twitch Prime loot package so I'm happy about this unvaulting especially since Rhino is my current top favorite warframe and I like Nyx too. I'm pretty sure I'll buy the dual pack since I doubt DE is going to make it any easier to get the unvaulted prime parts and I do want the Distilling Extractor Prime since I got the Titan Extractor Prime from a previous unvaulted prime pack (extractor management through the mobile app is pretty good), but I have to see if the price went up.
  8. Good observations! I think Gauss is probably coming out with Empyrean/Update 26 & Grendel with New War/Update 27.
  9. You can keep replaying the Dark Sector mission like Seimeni without logging off. It's still around 23K+ credits per 5 minutes run which is probably the best option for those of us who haven't gotten to the Index & can't do Sorties and other high level credit-making options.
  10. Ouch. I suggest farming the Seimeni/Ceres Dark Sector defense mission to get your 180K credits back - about 5 minutes to do 5 waves of shooting gallery (stand on containers & fire away) to collect 20,000 base mission reward credits (double if first daily mission) which is the highest in the game that I know of. You also get stuffs that the infested targets drop (rarely an Orokin cells but always a few mods that are at least endo trade fodders).
  11. I just got to Uranus so I don't have access to The Index yet. My current solution to credit shortage problem is to keep farming the Seimeni/Ceres Dark Sector Defense mission until I get enough credits that I need. Seimeni has the highest mission credit payout of 20,000 credits at present (40,000 credits for first daily mission). The defense setup is an easy shooting gallery - you just need to stand on top of the containers near the defense objective & fire away. Just do the minimum 5 waves & exit - it takes me around 5 minutes to do. The mission also reward Lith relic or a mod that you can trade in for endo. The infested targets also drop mods that you can trade for endo as well. You'll rarely get an Orokin cell drop too.
  12. I think the new Warframe introduction trailer should be seen as a dream montage since the narrator said something to that effect near the end and a lot of things like the three warframes turning into statues do not make sense with the lore (cryopods anyone?).
  13. Empyrean is looking much more ambitious than I thought after seeing last year's TennoCon preliminary reveal. From what I saw it's promising to add a lot of new things to do for players who have already finished the current Origin System content (I'm only MR10 just getting to Uranus so I'm far from that). Features creep add development time and it's a major challenge to add something like Squad Link to the game given the current networking architecture. Based on what was shown I think it'll be released soon - definitely before the New War from the hint in the announcement - unless something goes wrong. There are many things in the game I'd like DE to fix & improve but they're a business that needs to keep revenues coming in to stay in business so I think they're doing what they can to keep their paying customers happy given finite company resources. As long as I'm happy/addicted with playing Warframe I'll keep doing so but there are plenty of other fun things to do in life.
  14. I saw the same problem with a tusk bolkor holding position in the air & just shooting at me while on one of my final solo Plague Star mission runs last week. I did not notice any significant FPS drop but it did look like a glitch.
  15. I noticed in solo Lith Relic Void Fissure survival missions that it gets harder to collect 10 void reactants in the 5 minutes period after wave 2. After getting frustrated with not collecting enough relics to open in the 5 minutes period a few times I observed that void fissures only appear in certain locations and started hanging around near them. I also had to refrain from killing enemies before they have a chance to become corrupted. After doing these two things I have not had a problem collecting 10 void reactants in time. Good luck!
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