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  1. Looks like it's time for for the swan song Gian Point runs tonight then I'll stay away from Railjack for at least a week. I did grind my way to "Early Adopters" Tier 3 last Sunday thanks in large part to Gian Point.
  2. I played the Orphix Venom Endurance mission on the night of January 10th and ran into a bug. After a few Orphixs were destroyed I noticed that I could no longer use any of my voidrig necramech's ability, transference, or melee. I was stuck in my necramech with only use of my fluctus gun until eventually my necramech was destroyed. The message "Ability in use" is displayed when I tried repeatedly to use my necramech's ability or use transference. After I was able to get a new necramech everything worked as normal until the mission was over.
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