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  1. Very big IMO incoming: * Shield Sattelites should exist notably longer than Grenades. * I`d change turret to lose damage windup over time (cooling down) but turret itself toggleable (like Chroma's 4), with constant Energy upkeep or Energy cost for every shot. So yes, it will be "permanent", but will require some work to keep it up. * Dispenser is fine, but yet again - why not make it permanent (like Wisp motes), but rework it hold on itself 1 HP orb, 1 EN orb and 1 ammo box NOT separate for every player, but shared (i.e. if someone pick it up - it will also dissappear for others and they will be forced to wait for new ones to spawn). Power for potency of pickups, Range for additional placements, Duration for pickup regeneration.
  2. Protea`s Turret and (since .3 Hotfix) Grenades are underwhelming. Duration is laughable.
  3. So Protea is really played around Dispenser and Anchor? Turret have laughable duration, to say at least. And now Grenades (and i was sure exactly those 10s was bug).
  4. BOX OF COX Dethcube Prime. With Simaris mod for printing Energy Orbs from kills and assists.
  5. TYPE: In-game, Visuals DESCRIPTION: Particle Ram flickering. VISUAL: - REPRODUCTION: Play as Client, when Host have Particle Ram. Let him use Boost and Drift with ocassionaly strafe and reverse (basically - agressive flying). EXPECTED RESULT: Particle Ram should change brightness without flickering. OBSERVED RESULT: Particle Ram rapidly flickers for Clients when it should just change bightness for Host. REPRODUCTION RATE: Played 3 missions in a row when Host had Particle Ram. Issue observed every time. Confirmed by another Clients when i asked about flickering in Squad chat.
  6. Any chances we get a wall display with Munitions and Dome Charges amounts in the Engineering bay? Constantly opening-closing the Forge to check remaining payload is uncomfortable.
  7. У ВРов помимо адаптации к урону есть также защита от ваншотов - им нельзя снять больше 25% от максимального ХП за удар (источник).
  8. No one uses Paracesis -> Scarlet Spear and New War starts -> Everyone using Paracesis as anti-sentient weapon -> DE nerfs Paracesis as overused What an outstanding move
  9. This is still a thing. We failed an event right now because Space teams stopped to receive any codes after 60th Murex. VERY frustrating, considering 2 hours non-stop on Ground missions and ~4700 score.
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