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  1. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Balance-critical bug. Any action within RJ terminal - for example swapping tabs - increases turret damage. Numbers persist if you launch missions with them, but reset after re-entering Dojo. My gunners obliterating everything in one shot. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Open RJ terminal in the docks, move to any the turret, memorize it's damage, wander another tabs and check turret stats again. EXPECTED RESULT: My turrets should have damage mentioned in their description. OBSERVED RESULT: Damage keep increasing "OVER 9000" which results in one-shotting any enemy in
  2. Start from the Dojo Drydocks OR Walk in the back of your Orbiter - there is RJ teleportation platform near Personal Quarters. Board your RJ and host a mission from Navigation terminal.
  3. TYPE: In-GameDESCRIPTION: Nekros revived Corpus Crewship on the RJ Defense sub-mission.VISUAL: https://imgur.com/a/4ulup2zREPRODUCTION: Unclear. Possible by killing interceptors and crewships as Nekros.EXPECTED RESULT: Not reviving crewships?OBSERVED RESULT: Nekros revived immortal allied crewship which blocked pathfinding.REPRODUCTION RATE: Unknown.
  4. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: After ending mission and arriving to next statistics screen got stuck for all players. VISUAL: https://imgur.com/a/TrTIBxM REPRODUCTION: End mission and start next one. Exact reproduction unknown. EXPECTED RESULT: New mission started without issues. OBSERVED RESULT: Statistics screen from previous mission got stuck for all players. REPRODUCTION RATE: Unknown. Around 50% on Venus and Neptune proxima.
  5. Since when Personal Railjack consumables system (forgable Dome Charges, Munitions and Revolite) went live it became very problematic for me, as engineer, to monitor ship's supplies levels. While i can, in theory, understand why Revolite have "personal" reserves, personal Munitions and personal Dome Charges are questionable to say the least. They should be stored on a ship, not in the random Tenno pockets. Pros of a personal RJ consumables: Sorry, but none observed so far. Cons of a personal RJ consumables: Much less work for an engineer. Inability to monitor actual a
  6. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Summoned Necramech appears as flying corncob for Client VISUAL: https://imgur.com/a/Pmi5oHC REPRODUCTION: Summon Necramech on a RJ mission EXPECTED RESULT: Summoned Necramech with my cosmetics OBSERVED RESULT: Summoned Great Flying Corncob (🌽) with functionality of a Necramech REPRODUCTION RATE: Randomly, but above 50% chances for me as Client
  7. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Ventral Turret hatch become Ejection Hatch after any Frost hazard on Railjack VISUAL: https://imgur.com/a/IYobC5j REPRODUCTION: Get Frost hazard on the Railjack EXPECTED RESULT: Ventral Turret become usable again afret Frost Hazard gone OBSERVED RESULT: Ventral Turret hatch become Ejection Hatch which leads to open space REPRODUCTION RATE: 2/2 for me
  8. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Forging consumables on Railjack behaves werid VISUAL: - REPRODUCTION: Simply forge ANY consumable EXPECTED RESULT: For example, if i have 1/2 Dome Charges and if i forge +1 Dome Charge i expect them to be at 2/2 OBSERVED RESULT: Dome Charged become 3/3 and can be repeated to increase these values further up. Same with Revolite, Munitions and maximum Hull HP (Hull Restore). REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%
  9. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Railjack health can be infinitely increased during mission by constant Hull Restore manufacturing. VISUAL: - REPRODUCTION: Every time someone craft Hull Restore in the forge. EXPECTED RESULT: Heal RJ up to maximum HP value based on equipped Hull. OBSERVED RESULT: RJ current and maximum health got increased. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%
  10. Okay. After futher testing i can say without doubt that the new personal RJ consumables shold be reverted to Shared, like in pre 29.10, or be comepletly reworked from scratch. It;s current iteration is very confusing and information-lacking (we cannot track how many consumables every crewmember have).
  11. After catching Cold status on the Railjack and got ejected from the turret, said turret became hatch to space. Any action on it led to exiting the ship.
  12. I have very mixed feelings about personal Revolite, Munitions and Dome Charges. I cannot monitor ally levels of these consumables which, in global picture, will lead to serious problems and disappointment in the poor-communication public squads.
  13. Railjack energy, both in current and upcoming iterations, leaves very bland feeling. Why Reactors themselves do not passively generate energy just like Archwing do? My suggestion about RJ Energy rework may be late, but still i'd like to share. Keep Flux energy away from Warframes. Add passive "Flux generation per second" stat to Reactors. Each model can have it's own distribution of total Flux and Flux generation. Forgable Flux consumables should increase passive energy generation for 10 seconds instead of, as today, just provide instant chunk of Flux.
  14. Same bug. Sigma and Octanis sometimes randomly locks to simple left-right swings without any reason.
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