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  1. This is the best way for DE to “connect the worlds” in my opinion. I sort of wish they added star chart missions to the open worlds, similar to other faction missions. the open worlds and factions would also have been a good place to add soloable training missions for railjack. All the railjack “positions” like pilot, support/repair, etc. would be discreet missions where you could earn faction rep and intrinsics before you go do the bigger railjack missions.
  2. I’ll agree to this. The mechanics are definitely fun, but I just look at the grind and relearning a whole new system and it makes me feel like I can wait till I’ve finished other stuff like mastery and the Two operator factions.
  3. OP here: Thanks for all the advice, I’ll try it out. However, I swear I used to get consistent Sentient spawns on lua survival while I was farming neurodes. Definitely at five minutes and often at fifteen or twenty. Im pretty sure I’m remembering correctly because getting a conculyst, or Battalyst, or whatever as one of Nekro’s thralls was always hilarious!
  4. Switch player here! So I’m trying to scan sentients and test paracesis out, and so far I’ve done three rounds of lua survival with no sentients. Does carrying paracesis deter spawns? Did sentient spawns turn off to “prepare” for the new war? If the latter, that’s pretty cool. It’s like they’re rallying forces! going to keep trying. Maybe it’s just bad/good luck!
  5. Squading up can help. Increases the number of enemies.
  6. You use a Naga on a console? How does that work? Anyways, I’ve never heard of keyboard binding on consoles that allow keyboards. It would be cool if possible. If paddles become standard in next gen, I’d rather use that for extra gear items.
  7. There’s some truth to this. What they’ve achieved so far has been from taking big chances, and it’s an interesting question wether a more conservative and risk averse attitude would have gotten DE to where it is today.
  8. This is just how I assumed the event would work. If no squads could “link up” they’d just simulate it.
  9. Maybe just research game dev in general. From what I know (based on listening to video game podcasts) the game design is what most people are having trouble with lately. There’s not enough fun and too much boring grind. That’s a design problem.
  10. I don’t think specific people are being singled out here, just pointing out that game design is distinct from animation and sound. Warframe looks and sounds great right now, there’s just a bit too much grindiness maybe?
  11. Vanity is the only reason I’ve used Aura formas. I put them on warframes I main, like giving a dog a treat!
  12. Yikes. I hope this isn’t true. I love daggers right now for my non melee focused frames.
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