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  1. Maybe not the whole thing, but some of the rewards like nitain etc could somehow be permanently available the way that faction items are. I kinda like the rotating rewards. Also, limited availability items are kind of a thing in online games. They’re neat. I sold Max’s severed head for $300 dollars once.
  2. I kinda felt this lack of impact as well, but in think the animation might be the cause as well. Right now it looks like you slam to the ground, then do the whole wind up and stomp. it might be better if, when you hit stomp, the wind up occurs in the air and then you slam to the ground like a melee slam and the stomp occurs as soon as you contact the ground. I would also like to rhino stomp from an arch wing in the open world. Need to try to get that to work again.
  3. The most I’ll do is use up my revives if I’m ok giving up mission rewards.
  4. I think they do test internally. Also, does peer to peer need servers.
  5. In some situations it might be, (like, say, driving up the price of insulin) but in this context letting the market play out is fine.
  6. Yah. There needs to be some penalty, and power loss is a good compromise. I’d rather that than shields or health.
  7. It’s going to be like Naked Snake vs The Boss.
  8. Woah woah woah, I thought we were discussing the validity of socialism here! Not silly video games! Also, if English is you’re second language than you’re doing great. Keep it up! However, If English is NOT your second language then you seriously need to take some writing classes.
  9. Oh-kaaay.... clearly this isn’t just about weapon balance anymore. Maybe take it to r/politics or something. And just so you know, power creep is generally considered a bad thing. It’s what you call it when a game just makes everything more powerful as a substitute for actually interesting gameplay.
  10. I kinda like it how it is. It creates a reason to NOT use them and learn how to hack manually. They don’t cost that much either. if you need an in game reason why they’re consumable, maybe each cipher has a unique IP that gets auto banned once you use it.
  11. I don’t know if I understand your problem here, unless you have hand mobility issues. If that’s the case, then, yeah, multiple button holds and taps could complicate things. If not, though, Holding the select button then pressing a power button is pretty fast. Also, you kind of quick select a power when you use it. Tapping the select button always casts the last power used. Very useful for finding that one power that devs HATE when you spam!
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