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  1. Cool, thanks. Makes me think that they could also add a “quick shot” to melee mode that only shoots from the hip when you pull the right trigger. This could be switched to the default melee button for people who use right trigger for melee.
  2. Newish player here, How did blocking work when using guns and quick melee?
  3. Haven’t that said base damage is going up because things like channeling are going away?
  4. True. Outside of things like Arma, I can’t think of any action game with so many deferent types of things to control. I think some people underestimate how hard implementing robust melee alongside a full Left-Trigger/Right-Trigger shooter system is. Usually the depth of one is this is sacrificed for the other.
  5. Yeah. Cool things are cool bro, and when Warframe is cool I feel better about spending money on some domestic drones or a new cape. Also, cool animations actually help the readability of the game. My biggest problem with channeling is that it’s hard to tell when you are or are not doing it. I don’t know what rage mode (the new analog for channeling, imo) is going to be, but it sounds like it will at least be visually distinguishable from regular mode.
  6. My only worry is the air hover for melee is done by holding back while jumping. it may make air control feel bad, but I also can’t think of any time I’ve wanted to melee and move backwards in the air. I usually jump only when I’m committed to moving forward.
  7. The stance rework has some potential if wukong’s iron staff is any indication. The way combos work there feels good.
  8. Some hate balance, but I’ve also seen people in these forums advocate for EXTREME balance, like insisting that all content be complete-able with an unmodded Skana. There’s certainly room for games where the weakest weapon is always viable with enough skill, but Warframe is long past that point. the new melee changes look fun. Can’t wait to try them out.
  9. There’s a new thing coming called rage mode. It’s not in the new update but it sounds like the new equivalent to channeling.
  10. I have like 5 forma on most of my favourite guns. This will not be a problem.
  11. You have to eat enemies before you fight the boss or whatever enemies can’t be eaten, I guess.
  12. Definitely. Arguably, Warframe has influenced Destiny and Destiny has innovated on its own. The positive things that Destiny is coming up with will influence warframes development, hopefully.
  13. Well how about this: Mods stacking with each other is pretty foundational to how the Warframe mod system works. Your suggestions are interesting, but they seem like too drastic a change even for warframe. They seem more like a complete revision of how mods work, and with everything else going on in warframe from melee 3.0 to the New War, changing the way guns get built is pretty low on my list of issues. The gun mods work. They shoot enemy dudes real good. Edit: Also, now that I read it again, your suggestion of adding a damage slot just seems like the exact same thing as adding an exilus slot. They're both just adding mod capacity.
  14. Nah, this ain’t it. I’ve stacked all the multi-shot, status and damage that my Grakata can handle and if you want it back, you’re taking it from my cold dead hands. I’m maybe looking forward to adding recoil reduction as well, but I’ve used it so much by now that I kind of like the heavy recoil, it gives the gun character.
  15. This I wouldn’t mind. It might slow down the start of missions, but a screen where you can see everyone’s load out and then change your own before starting the mission might be helpful.
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