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  1. DE thinks on an entirely different level than us norms. As a norm I think that waiting 3/4 seconds to confirm applying a linked build then typing override on console is bad design. Then respectively that tapping one key possibly maybe shouldn't erase one without a single confirmation. Or that deleting that pesky UI when a fast loading host impatiently selects the next mission in a PUG. Me? I think that's bad. Liches 1.0? I wouldn't wipe my butt with that cocktail napkin design. We wound up with meh Liches X.0 at least. As a norm I think the game is a buggy and abysmally designed mess. Except!
  2. Bless DE and their wonderful attention to detail and well thought out design! So many different "FEATURES" in this game that have remained so for so many many years.
  3. Iron Man and Borderlands have a baby. How can you possibly screw that up? Oh...that's how.
  4. The quality of the Feature Of The Year is in stark contrast with the base game. Other than the quality of hosting which is by far the worst and the likely source of endless bugs. Each FOTY gets dropped at a variety of qualities, most of them low, with bare minimum fixes riveted on then forgotten. They can all at once provide us with new, wildly varied, and fun to use weapons, frames, and new old weapons/frames with Primes. Then turn right around and give us the FOTY which barely rises above "that" student taking a glue stick and a printed page from Wikipedia and haphazardly slapping it on the
  5. Unlink and relink so the "more" user friendly process will work. Horse poo, the old process was "join stream get stuff, usually". How about "we couldn't figure out the bug so here's a hack". Just be honest...come on...
  6. This is the newer (and available for purchase) model of the one that keeps my modem up without interruption. https://www.amazon.com/APC-Battery-Protector-Back-UPS-BE425M-dp-B01HDC236Q/dp/B01HDC236Q/ This keeps my larger devices running without interruption. I wasn't home for the longer loss of power but the PS4 had been getting yanked out of rest mode semi-frequently and that went away. As did occasional brown outs cutting off my internet. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00K8ZMTAQ/
  7. Forget it. Every single idea of theirs is yet another aborted dead baby. Nechramechs? Junk. Squad link? Junk. Railjack? Junk. Shark/Archwing? Junk. Plague Star because it is plagued with bugs. Hosting is the core of many of their bugs and isn't even worthy of calling it an "alpha release" not even seven years ago. If they don't get it right the first time just cross your fingers and hope they clean it up. They mostly cleaned up Liches. They get two things bomb-fricking-diggity awesome Frame/Weapons and Fashionframe.
  8. Exactly, almost anything they roll out is either deeply flawed and they spackle it to merely flawed or merely flawed. Helminth is really nice because it expanded on the one thing they ARE good at Frames. Archwing? Meh...it could have been like Frames but in space. No, they trot it out and leave it behind. Sharkwing is even worse. Railjack? Psuedo-attempt at spackling onto Archwing. Where is Command Intrinsic? Never to come because they've already moved onto the next shiny thing? Liches? Didn't even sound good on paper. Especially when you couldn't even share Murmurs. That paper wasn't even wor
  9. Has he tried a UPS? It should give him long enough to get to extraction as long as the provider is on another part of the grid or has their own backups. He can even get a bitty one for the cable/DSL modem.
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