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  1. Well I will say that the jackel boss on Venus was a bit of a puzzle on how to avoid the big orange lasers at first. Other then that the rest of the content is not that difficult on noob planets. If your referring to rng then that’s an issue for everyone.
  2. I definitely would like cross save so I can transfer my NSW data on to this account.
  3. My issue is that their is no cross saving. They talked and hyped up cross saving for a while and it never happened. Not to mention they let PC cross save to consoles before for a limited time so I don’t see why DE can’t make it happen again. Other then that warframe is really good for a free to play game
  4. I didn’t think hackers existed on console till the Xbox360 and ps3 era
  5. If you made and it and customized it yourself then it’s your creation. Just someone has one exactly the same as yours and that’s not a bad thing.
  6. I definitely agree with you on this take but you can have real socialization on most of the chats besides recruiting and trade chat.
  7. I mean it can go both ways. It’s good to have a balanced way of thinking. Just a lot people will complain about something even though it’s fine. It’s just that they have a lack of understanding on how it works so they think it’s a flaw with the system rather then themselves.
  8. Tbh this how a lot of gamers are and you can just never please then since their demands are endless.
  9. Yep I agree that’s pretty dead on accurate. I think the main difference is that warframe focuses more on the gameplay itself and PlayStation home focuses on the social aspect more.
  10. I would say getting to the more difficult hardcore content with without buying anything would require some know how and strategy.
  11. I think that if you mod it right you can a least kill normal planet level enemies with assault rifles.
  12. Basically being as knowledgeable as kickbot with noob questions I guess.
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