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  1. Never thought the day would come I would stumble across a whole essay about female warframe assest. Tbh the female frame looks clearly thicker than the make frame in that picture.
  2. Off topic here but I just thought I’d say it was nice seeing you in region chat Apollo.😁
  3. Have like a red Mars desert open world and I think that would be 🔥 lit
  4. *Sees the title an Automatically says no with my head shaking.
  5. That’s what she said. Lol
  6. You’d have to be a sucker to invest in that.
  7. Having goals for warframe with rng is like talking to a brick wall.
  8. If it doesn’t have a regional chat then you can’t call it a warframe killer
  9. Though i think the main difference between Lotus and Nora is Lotus has an impact in the game and plays a huge part in the story and gameplay. While Nora just randomly pops in the middle of missions when you don’t want her to like on spy missions etc.
  10. As a returning player. I guess the perspective might be different if you have played longer and had a lot more hours and experience in game.
  11. Lotus says different things when doing different mission types while Nora night-wave stuff randomly has popped up in missions.
  12. Talking with people in region chat and hopefully hoping to not get banned again lol
  13. What are your guys veiws on the Xbox gamertag system as in with the # suffex and the idea of choosing any gamertag you want?
  14. Well I will say that the jackel boss on Venus was a bit of a puzzle on how to avoid the big orange lasers at first. Other then that the rest of the content is not that difficult on noob planets. If your referring to rng then that’s an issue for everyone.
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