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  1. I have a full time job and a life outside of warframe and Im rank 32 as of last week and ONLY completed the tasks i wanted... as a matter of fact, I rarely did the elite missions.
  2. Needed to buy robotic slot for my moa which says it comes with two slots, got my moa... went to claim helios prime from foundry and it says not enough slots buy two for 12 plat? Unless moas take two slots im missing 1. Edit: Unless deconstructor Prime takes its own slot?
  3. Wiser? Maybe this - much lol My first riven was for Azima, I'm looking forward to getting it... still have a ways to go though.
  4. Wait wut!? O.o We're gamers, we should have unlimited lives! >.< Same situation lol she quit about 10 days ago. 8/ PC Master Race =p I almost did that... baught Caustacyst instead o.o Not even close to as painful but I was farming hydroid prime systems, after about 6 rounds I decide I'm thirsty and go get a drink before selecting my reward not thinking about it... It popped and i got a forma BP intead... Ive gotten 1 since but i still need 2 more -.-
  5. Ouch! My GF talked me into playing this with her, i bought her the same stuff and we bought the same crap lol... $400 and nothing to show for it. Except frost and ember prime cough cough... but you win I'd kick myself too lol. I wasnt planning on playing long either, I'm just tired of farming for Trinity to where I can get to where I can farm for Trinity.
  6. I knew i could bullet jump but didn't know how to "use" bullet jump. I was like, "Wait, I bullet jump where ever I aim?" Then doorways became my new enemy!
  7. Yea, i fell you. Fortunately i haven't been conned and know better now. My next 4-5k plat wont be Silly stuff... Darvo... hint hint. It'll be the remaining Primes and that really cool aquarium. >.>
  8. 1: Starting Warframe so late (just hit 50 day mark yesterday). 2: Bought Garuda day 1 then realized the blood sigil in larger pack that I would have bought. (Can't wait for Garuda Prime) 3: Bought femme fatale bundle. (Relized how easy farming for warframes were, got to Kela De Thaym. "Sweet I don't need to farm Syrian from this aboxious tank... dang she drops twin tomahawk blueprint..." 4: Bought kavat stasis blueprint, got the BP next day from crazy cat lady. 5:Bought and wasted blank dna things on basic puppy patterns and colors. 6: After wasting all my plat on useless stuff i didnt need, i realized you can see where to get everything and could have bought Helios Prime or some other Prime I wanted instead. 7: Spend more then $200 just to realize Mesa and the plat was the only good things, nothing exclusive just MR fodder that could have been easily obtained. 8: Farming Exterminate missions for MR, Helios scans Wolf Of Saturn Six but I never see him. (He had plenty of time to crush my head like a tomato, what was he doing for me not to notice him?) 9: Relize I've been playing 50 days and still suck... Atleast Syrian Prime looks bad ass and makes me a proficient accidental ninja.
  9. He's been scanned in my codex by Helios, never howled nor attacked me. I finished the mission without even knowing he spawned, just noticed him in my codex scanned once.
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