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  1. Just tried subsuming and i was FINALLY able to subsume my rhino. No idea what you have done but mine just worked for the 1st time since i installed it. THANK YOU!
  2. Thank goodness this is now being looked at. Shoutout to the dev team and one of the community managers on twitter for seeing my tweet and reaching out to ask me about it. Fingers crossed that they figure out the problem! Investigate away!!!
  3. Still not able to subsume a warframe at all. Can someone please shed some light on this issue so i can get it resolved!?
  4. Well at least you can subsume a frame. My helminth is just broken. Check this fantastic bug. Can't subsume ANY frame period. Just logs me out after i type 'confirm'
  5. I agree, i want to subsume and cant and it really sucks because its not even an problem that seems to be recognized by the devs yet.
  6. Any information on why i cant subsume any frame in my helminth? Everytime i try to subsume a frame and type 'confirm' it gives me an error message and logs me out of the game. Everything else works fine for me. Please help?
  7. So i installed my helminth segment and tried to subsume a frame (non prime of course). Fed it the the materials it required and everything. Everytime i type 'confirm' to subsume a frame, it logs me out. Ive tried uninstalling/reinstalling the game, hard resetting my xbox as well as clearing mac address. I even had a friend log on to my account to try it (different xbox and different state) and it still does the same thing. His works fine though. Please help get this seen/fixed soon. video here to show what it keeps doing
  8. Anyone else having a problem with the helminth just not working? Ive fed it the things it needs to subsume a frame and NONE of the frames work. Everytime i type confirm, it logs me out to the main screen to log back in. Ive uninstalled/reinstalled, power cycled my xbox one s, cleared mac address and even had a friend get on my account on a different xbox and different state just to see if he could do it for me. It just doesnt work at all and i hope this gets fixed very soon!
  9. Thats a pretry broken way to level something. Hope they fix that
  10. Me and a friend are having the same issue. On top of that, my helminth doesnt let me subsume warframes. Everytime i type 'confirm' it logs me out to the warframe menu. So much time wasted and i dont have any idea on to get it fixed
  11. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Tried making sure it wasnt rhino that was bugged as well. I switched through several frames (non prime frames) and nothing worked. Just keeps logging me out everytime i type confirm. Ive grinded my a** off for nothing. I really hope someone sees this and provides some information on what the issue is.
  12. Ok, so im playing on the xbox one s and i just installed my new helmith to subsume. Ive fed the helmith to get the 3 things i need to subsume rhino and everytime i type confirm, i get a message that says "failed to connect to server. You will be logged out". Ive reset my game, power cycled my xbox, reset my net, cleared mac address and everything else i can think of. My friends helminth works but mine is a waste of space and hours of grinding for nothing. Please fix this bug!
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