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  1. passive: Enemies killed drop fragments that can be collected in a void-energy pool. His abilities don't use "normal" energy but drain from this energy pool instead. (Affected by flow,efficiency but not by energize or zenurik). Applying status effects also drops fragments. 1st ability: collects all dropped fragments in a large radius, heal and gain damage reduction based on the amount of fragments you collected. 2nd ability: after 10 seconds you gain a buff depending on the weapon you used most during that time: -melee: attackspeed/firerate -secondary: crit chance -primary: crit damage 3rd ability: surrounds yourself with a cloud of fragments that stuns enemies for a short time and deals damage based on the amount of fragments you stored 4th ability: drains all energy to form an exalted version of a weapon from your arsenal(must be equipped before mission) and gain a damage multiplier based on the energy drained.
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