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  1. Phased Tigris skin can not be recolored even though the Phased Vasto/Akvasto along with the Phased Syandana can be recolored.
  2. Alright. Day two of The Old Blood. I've actually done enough content now, and experienced enough of the changes to make an informed opinion. Kuva Lich: There's way too much RNG and grinding. You have a Kuva Lich that needs 3 Requiem mods, and you have to kill a bunch of thralls in order to uncover a single requiem mod it requires. Times this by 3, and it gets tedious. Then you have to do Kuva Flood to get a guaranteed requiem mod, and nobody in your squad may even get the requiem mod you need, forcing you to do more kuva floods or kuva siphons. On top of that, you're making encouraging us to use our precious void traces to refine requiem relics when we're already burning them to get our prime parts, again for only a chance at getting what we may need. Not cool! Suggestion: Rework how requiem mods are distributed to lessen the RNG factor, I'm okay with some RNG but in its current iteration it just doesn't seem fun. Increase requiem murmur progress per thrall kill so it doesn't feel so grindy. Melee Changes: I love melee. But these changes were not what I was expecting. I wanted manual blocking back in, but instead when I hit Mouse Button 2, I just go back to aiming with my primary weapon. There is no "Block Button" listed in the gameplay keybind settings. I shouldn't have to constantly rebind my keys and use guesswork to figure out how exactly I'm supposed to block manually. I mean it's great if I'm doing melee-only. Manual blocking works just fine then. But I also like to shoot in addition to melee. In addition to that, melee still feels powerful but it's noticably slower. The heavy attack option is a nice addition, though. Suggestion: Manual blocking should be more intuitive. In its current iteration it just feels like the previous melee, only slower and less damaging. I'll still use melee because it's my favorite, but figuring out how to block manually shouldn't require an in depth Warframe wiki search. When I have my melee weapon out and I hit Mouse Button 2 to block, the game should immediately recognize I want to block, not switch to my primary weapon and aim.
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