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  1. There is no trolling
  2. I have an idea how to improve the mission of killing a sergeant. When entering the game, a random location is launched. Each location has its own conditions. For example: 1) A corps labyrinth in which you need to escape from a sergeant. 2) The place where you need to escape to the exit. In this place the scene of the battle of the sergeant with the wolf will take place. 3) The place of the arena, where an invulnerable sergeant will fight with us. And there will be more than 9 such locations. Locations will have their own difficulty levels. Difficulty levels will depend on the rank of the player. For example: The first 5 locations for players of rank 7. 5-10 locations for rank 12. How do you like my idea?
  3. Can a sergeant be made immortal?
  4. Guys, I'm serious. Let's think about how to make an interesting boss
  5. Хорошая идея)
  6. Hey. This topic is dedicated to the sergeant. We will discuss how to improve it, what can be done about it, so that it would be interesting to complete the mission of his murder. Offer your thoughts and pictures. Ipupuye!!
  7. Why is he so unkillable? He kills my friends with one shot
  8. I can't kill the Sergeant. I called friends for help, but Sergeant killed them. What to do?
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