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  1. I'll start by saying I love the direction of Vauban, where it feels like it still retains the flow of the best aspects of his old kit, and brings in new, dynamic ones. But this leaves me with one bad comparison to Ember's rework. There's no mention of an equivalent for one of Accelerant's most fun aspects; it boosts Heat damage from weapons as well. Now that the small ring of fire is gone from Fire Blast, she also doesn't have a way to add Heat damage to her weapons without the use of Augment mods. Without a way to boost Heat damage, using a mod slot to add Heat damage doesn't seem to have an effective use case. To my mind, Fireball Frenzy will go from a delightful addition/upgrade to an option you might only consider for Infested missions if her new kit doesn't already completely dominate them. I appreciate any consideration you give this feedback. Thank you for all the hours of fun!
  2. Anyone seeing new textures in the orbiter with this update? The cockpit is a little more "well used" than before. It looks very nice, but it's odd that either A) this was supposed to be the texture, but got overlooked for the Switch version until now, or B) this is a subtle update to make the new orbiters coming out with Empyrean seem that much more glorious.
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