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  1. I wasn't even sure this was a glitch, but Lotus bless you for the change!
  2. Quanta Vandal is the only one I've used (thank you Baro), so I can't check the others at the moment. After letting go of the trigger, the laser firing noise plays for 0.3 to 0.5 seconds. This seems incorrect to me. The same laser noise plays when using the alternate fire mode, the cubes. Because there is also another sound effect layered underneath this laser noise when launching the cube, I feel this is also incorrect.
  3. I notice this sort of thing as well, but while I haven't double checked this myself, Pixia is a weapon with regenerating ammo (instead of a reload) that when you hit zero the regen kicks in quickly but means your fire rate is much much lower without waiting for a decent magazine. This could be what we're hearing.
  4. While they home and deal their initial impact damage as expected, I don't think they ever explode if you're not playing as host.
  5. Well, as someone that plays mostly solo (I welcome the teammates when they are there, though) matchmaking is simply not a concern. I was looking forward to a more tiered approach, to have a space to use the game's unique, yet lower Mastery Rank weapons, which intentionally offer lower damage output. Warframes can enhance weapon damage, of course, but not all frames do this and I appreciate a freedom to not be hard stuck to that archetype. As well, I'd rather not play the Riven market to experience if all of these kinds of weapons are up to snuff. I don't have a lot of experience against 100-150 range enemies. Scarlet Spear is pretty much it. So it's mostly just a theory that some of your game's weapons won't keep up. I suppose I'm mostly concerned with running out of ammo if my time in the Simulacrum is any indication. Honestly, Affinity and Credit gains from higher levels is enough for me. I just want a playground to try all my gear in.
  6. I didn't complete the mission (this wasted an Apothic even though you long since don't get to see what mod you're getting immediately anymore), so there's that for extra details.
  7. This image is Ivara Prime using base Ivara's helmet, in a captura scene. If the picture doesn't convey it well, the normal maps (or if I'm saying the wrong thing; the part that's there to show how light is reflected) are highly detailed throughout all the parts, but the part that's there for color is of a pretty low resolution on the Ivara Prime parts.
  8. So for example, even if you are using a max rank Streamline (+30% efficiency) the UI shows it consumes 50 additional energy when it's unranked, even though in mission it will do the more expected thing and only consume 35 additional energy based on having 130% efficiency.
  9. Hey hey DE, hope everyone is staying well. I was wondering if we could get a set of solo negative stat mods (duration, strength, range) for Warframes, preferably eligible for the exilus slot. Why? Well, negative stats are useful in some cases, but tying them in with the rarer corrupted mods means it's way harder to tune the negative stats to the desired level you want since mods are one rank and one rank only. You need multiple to tune your trade-off just right. I'd also adore being able to freely de-rank and re-rank mods at no extra cost after ranking them up initially. We only have access to a single Umbra Steel Fiber, ever! and it hurts Rage builds to overlevel it. I consider this separate from my desire for unique solo negative stat mods. Since it is always a trade off, I think exilus slot eligibility is reasonable. Perhaps they could be added to the boss drop tables with the status vulnerability change. Some helpful negative stat mod examples for anyone curious; Baruuk and Nova can hold on to their damage reduction projectiles more reliably with less than 100% range, Valkyr can inflict different groups with a slow effect from War Cry with more frequency (we Tenno kill fast) using less than 100% duration stats, Nova can bring the slow effect of Molecular Prime to zero, if they would prefer just the damage buff alone with -30% strength (the corrupted mod that currently acomplishes this, Overextended, makes her damage reduction less reliable, btw).
  10. Moas are downed and reviveable like kubrows and kavats. Use health link, bleedout link and the like, too. I recommend Oloro, very fun precept that lets you stay airborn for a long time.
  11. Please talk about Vazarin Protective dash.
  12. Tell us you are reworking the schools in the next year, or else this Vazarin nerf just seems foolish. And truly a slap in the face to your players that invested in it. I'm a newer player, since nearly launch on Switch, and I've seen a lot of discourse over changes. I had very little context for most of them, so it often seemed like complaints over making an overpowered thing more reasonable. With the context I have over this; yes it's overpowered in its old version and needs tuning, but no it is not being changed into a reasonable advantage. And "advantage" is important to focus on here. I don't even need to discuss Energizing Dash's advantage, you know already. The focus school abilities that work are advantages, they feel powerful, they are part of forming an interesting loadout with frames and weapons, and they are fun. This change means I will no longer experiment with frames and weapons when running Syndicate, Void Fissure, Cryotic runs, and other frequent missions involving defense objectives. I will use defence objective Warframes and I will be bored with these missions. I will become bored of Warframe quicker. This is not a dramatization, just what is true for me.
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