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  1. I can type in the optional message, but the report doesn't send. Infact, because sending is mapped to the same button as typing in public chat, I've accidentally re-typed out the report messageand sent it to public chat. Bit awkward.
  2. Man, I haven't had this glitch since I unlocked the playable operator, but right now it's consistently happening. And it's devastating to uselessly launch your 100 cost ability on low energy Warframes and/or missions that drop very little energy. If it helps, using Zephyr, no focus lens, basically haven't done mission progress past Second Dream as it concerns operator usage (no Quill standing, operator Amps, and other such). I play with custom controls, but haven't messed with toggle settings so they are the default hold settings, although I wish I could mess with channeling, it feels very bad as a toggle....
  3. Despite showing up in the trade menu, an error message that doesn't apply shows up when you try to trade it. "Energy Generator cannot be traded. Unique copies of abilities cannot be traded." This one is repurchaseable at Cephalon Simaris, not unique.
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