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  1. The Quality of life change is an added ability to his first Incase your surrounded you could Hold your first ability an release a 360 degree lockdown
  2. The augment will not change his first ability entirely it’s only giving it the ability to proc status effects based upon color an making one of his abilities able to deal damage
  3. Create a series of mission objectives to gain an augment slot for each individual Warframe. After gaining Augment Slot component you have a choice to pick which Waframe to add the slot. After adding Augment Slot you will have a total of 11 slots on that specific warframe an Mod Capacity will increase to 82. Only Augment Mods will be allowed in Augment Slot. You cannot add a Augment Slot to an unranked Waframe. The Waframe must be ranked 30 an have an Orokin Reactor Installed.
  4. Elemental Chains: 500% damage plus 100% status Chance Damage Type changes depending on energy color Passive ability: Damages scale off melee mods an power strength. Also capable of creating combined elements based off energy color an melee mods Condemn quality of life change: Allow Harrow to hold an charge Condemn for 360 degree lockdown
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