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  1. Same problem here, always happen after patch, sometime a patch resolve it, sometime make it worse. I'm waiting for next update patch, if it don't come back to normal, I will try reinstall again.
  2. 你可以到道場買藍圖來做,確定不是自己意外賣掉嗎?還是帳號被盜,建議改密碼。 Get blueprint from Dojo, don't panic.
  3. Sorry it didn't work for your situation, but I think put a 16gb game on 20gb main storage just not a long term solution. My loading screen still freeze in same place but only 1 sec freeze, hope your problem can be resolve in next update or hotfix.
  4. Don't do that! The point is reinstall, location is not important. I delete and reinstall Warframe on same SD card again, it work! you don't need to put it on main storage.
  5. I bump my switch network NAT from B up to A, still don't fixed this problem. Sometime, on rare occasion I can connect as client, but loading screen freeze still persist. I really hate silent progress bar use in most software, why not just show user what action or stage is perform so we can pinpoint the problem?
  6. I have the same problem, but luckily I still can play solo or as host. Everytime when I joint a squad as client, I get "lost connection to host" at loading screen. This problem seen to be introduce by recent update, loading screen constantly freeze at 60% for about 30 sec then back to normal loading. I hope this can be resolve before water war end, I really don't like play solo in event activty.
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