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  1. I stockpile on nitain in last season because I believe DE need some times to fix the mess. Currently, I am sitting on at least 30 nitain after the lotus alert.
  2. RMB is an internet slang only use in China. It usually means a person is using real money to buy an in-game item. In this case, most likely is someone using real money to buy platinum from 3rd party at a big discount. I guess what he is trying to say is his friend reported this problem to DE. DE baned his friend account Instead of the offender. I don't understand what he is asking. Looks like DE's customer service is already communicating with his friend thru email. He can explain the misunderstanding to them directly.
  3. Your firewall rule seems to be incorrect for a consumer grade router. 1. External start port should be 4950 and end port 4955. 2. Assign a static IP to your Switch and put its IP in IP address. 3. The protocol should be UDP or TCP/UDP. 4. Check whether your router requires outboud NAT, most consumer grade router won't need this. If you can find a NAT outbound setting, you need to setup a WAN rule from your switch IP's udp/4950-4955 to external any IP, NAT port 4950-4955,no static port
  4. I would rather see DE add rare resources bundle (cryotic, mutagen, tellurium ... etc.) to the offer list instead of forma. Forma build takes 24 hrs, but you can stockpile them in advance. Given DE just nerf our ability to farm rare resources by 50%, we need an additional (no platinum) way to acquire rare resources.
  5. I feel your pain. What is on DE mind when they decided to let nightwave be the only place to get Nitain. There is a lot of beginner stuff that requires nitain to build, plus new player also needs a lot of potatoes. Now new player will need to choose between nitain, potato or mods. The part I dislike the most is DE now put beginner weapons (like heat dagger) on Wcredit. How can a new player enjoy the game while most of the time is spend on WCredit framing? For me, I put most of my Wcredit into nitain and now I have like 20+ in stock. Hopefully, DE will put nitain back as weekly gift alert until they sort out the nightwave mess.
  6. Sanctuary, void and dark sector mission are great to level up. I personally like to use dark sector, because infest defend mission is easy (they don't hide). You receive extra bouns and resources drop. My suggestion is not to rush the game because you need to know all the damage type, mission type, tileset secret... etc to be efficient in the game. To level something up to 30 is not that hard and you will need to do that a few times anyway. Join a dojo to get no plat warframe and weapon. You can purchase the blueprint with credit from dojo labs and build it yourself. A lot of dojo exclusive is good, like hek and nezha. Like everyone said before, save your plat to buy extra slot and loadout.
  7. Agree, skip it, the test is not worth the trouble. Every time I am in that room, I immediately use the alt path.
  8. What kind of network do you use to play Warframe? The way Warframe manage its network ports is kind of unique. If you are behind an enterprise-grade network firewall, you need to specify an outbound NAT rule that will map 4950,4955,6695-6699 to any outward facing ports. It will be better if you bound that rule to the switch static IP. Otherwise, you are opening up your network to external attacks.
  9. Thank you all for the quick response. Without any lore behind it, Garuda mas well be Logan from &-Men. I just want to make sure I didn't miss some story or some item on Villas that I must scan. Once again, thanks
  10. Finally, finish building Garuda and she is a very good frame. I will stay away from Solaris for a while because the framing part is so painful. The question comes to me while I am waiting for the build, "Why Garuda is on Vallis?" Both Ravenant and Gara background story explain why their BP is on the Plane. Garuda is just pop out from nowhere. Why she is on Vallis? What is her relationship with Solaris and Corpus? Why she require Toroid and not Orokin cell? If she does not require any cell to build, does it means she was created by Corpus or Solaris? I may have missed some background. Can someone please help me understand?
  11. @somebody_cares I am on Switch. IMHO, MR 6 test is not that hard to pass. The only test that I have an issue on was the one that requires you to jump everywhere and shoot the red globe. (forget the MR level, maybe 10 or 11). it is kind of hard for me because on Switch is kind of hard to look around while in air.
  12. IIRC, MR6 is track and shoot test and it should not be too hard to pass. Can you be more specific on the problem you have? You should easily pass the test using a high accuracy gun.
  13. Primary: Buston prime and Simulor are the winners. WTF Buston Prime is an MR 12 weapon? A normal Soma is an MR 6 and it outclasses Buston in every area. Simulor, no one will miss it if DE just removes it from a player's inventory (as long as I got the weapon slot back) Secondary: Agree 100% on Stug, it is that bad. As for melee, Heat dagger is not that bad, consider it was free in the old alert system. I will not buy the BP using WC at all. For me, the worst melee in the game right now is Wolf Sledge. Because the damage profile of WS does not justify the time needed to farm it.
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