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  1. Thank you all for the quick reply. I already own Glaive Prime, it is not a bad weapon and I use it from time to time. Look like EP5 will be a "do it when I have too much time on hand" task for me .
  2. Look like it is another 6 missions prerequisite thing. Anyone try it yet? Is the reward from EP5 worth the 7 missions? I just don't want to run 6-7 mission to get another 1500 points. Thanks in advance.
  3. You need to finish ALL of this week task before recover mission will show up.
  4. Define high level content. Eidolon hunting is HL content for sure and some people manage to solo it, but most people need a squad. Lets limit the discussion to soloing T4+ content. In this case all frame can solo assume you invest some forma into the frame to match your play style. But overall there are a few frame that are at an disadvantage: Banshee or Ember - Both are not bad if you put enough forma into them and sink enough time to learn how to use them. At the same time, there are frame that can do a better job as is. Vauban - IMHO, DE should either fix him or allow us to trade it for another frame. Gauss - May be I need more time to learn how to use him. It is hard to manage his energy at high level, and a bumper car in tight small map.
  5. It will be nice to have an access to Simulacrum in Dojo and allow member to donate completed scan to Dojo.
  6. Totally agree. Without even trying, I have over 1K in stock. IMHO, except for some of the pet and gear stuff, most of the reusable BP are not worth it.
  7. I feel sorry for you because are too time consuming for 1500 (4 mission). You get 2000 for doing 2 daily and if lucky just 1 mission
  8. @(NSW)ohgodzilla. I notice the same problem after the latest NSW system patch. It is more so for me in archwing control. I readjust the sensitive level and seems to be tiny bit better, but not the same.
  9. I have a slightly different opinion on this. DE may be over reacted on the PS part but they do hold the copyright to the original materials. It is kind of like you rip a batman trailer movie from internet, change the bat logo on batman custom to a S then upload it back onto youtube claiming it is an Easter egg in the movie. It may be a joke, but i am sure some studio exec will not be happy with it and will ask Youtube to ban your account. The second part is an exploit for sure. DE hold the right to ban someone base on this. But most online game company will cover their behind by first do a log verification of the exploit, archive the account data before they ban and close an account.
  10. Funny thing is last night I solo a T1 fissure to level up a forma weapon. At the end of the mission, I killed more than 600 enemy but my NW gauge still said I only did 10 or so. Good thing is I don't need NW standing anymore.
  11. Guandao or Orthos Prime, both have low MR lock, and very easy to get. Cassowar is also good if you are into status damage. Most polearm are decent in this game, I will stay away from sydon, serro or kesheg
  12. Another suggestion is to farm endless mission on Corpus map which has Anti-MOA. The best way is to bring an hydroid, find a nice corner and refresh his 4 when needed. You can also try to ask people on trade chat or dojo to get a free one. It is not a super rare drop and a lot of player may 6 or 7 of them stash up.
  13. 100% agree. IMHO, it is not worth it even for topping off, unless you are 1 day away from the end. To do a 5K top off, you need to do a total of 16 missions. It is 80 mins of grinding assuming a player can finish each mission in 5 mins. On the other hand, I can do 1 daily and 1 weekly to get the same effect, which takes less than an hour for sure. However if it gives player 5 or 10 credit then it may worth the time, assuming if a player is a few dollar short from purchasing an item.
  14. Thanks for the quick reply. In this case I really don't see any reason to go through the trouble. On other hand, at least the OP suite is free and decent looking. I will say it is the best item in this round.
  15. A few advice: Both "mod" and build are VERY important in this game. The level of an item makes very little difference in its performance. If you have the right mods you can have a level 5 item completely out class a lvl 30. Don't takes online build guide as bible. There are some meta build out there for specific mission, but overall just build the item based upon your play style. Try not to purchase normal (non prime) item from the in game market. Most of the better prime version can be buy from in game chat cheaper. However, the blueprint you buy from the trade is blueprint only, you need to collect the materials to build the item yourself, also a lot of item have a level lock on them, However the item you buy from DE does not. You can buy a lot of late game weapon from DE and use them right away. Find a good dojo, you are not only looking for people to play with you. A lot the blueprint for better item in the game can be buy from dojo for cheap. The last is don't trust YT too much. The game is constantly changing, an item may look like god on earth at the time of the video but now become an item that no one willing to touch.
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