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  1. What about a fix for ephemera effects not applying consistently? The aura/shimmer from Spore seems to occupy the same layer as what it's supposed to display on, leaving it only visible on parts that go invisible (ex: phantom phryke armor, but the shimmer isn't in the armor when stacks apply)
  2. Some pictures in tweet Missing the shimmer and most of the other effects beyond the occasional spore sprout
  3. Ditto. Just did 3 kuva siphon missions (since animal conservation is broken too) and didn't get anything. Put in ticket, but this is ridiculous and upsetting. I'm either going to ditch Switch until this is fixed or Warframe altogether, since I'm not sure I'm able to put in the time and effort transitioning to PC all over again (considering I'm MR12 with an arsenal of Prime frames, a few vaulted vs MR2 with a Mag...).
  4. Twitter link Sorry for quality.
  5. Kubrow Armors are also buggy. Will try and get pictures next time my kid goes down for a nap.
  6. Any news? Between this, all the text glitches, the operator faces, and the mini map this update has been a total disaster. Really think DE needs to make this up to Switch players somehow.
  7. Only blending to one face didn't permanently work for me. Not only that, I'd get a different face than the one I chose entirely.
  8. Mini map just doesn't show my position anywhere. Placing decorations shows variable text instead of the actual string. Pictures on Twitter Operator horror
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