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  1. Hi All So just an Idea, how about an Augment mod for Helios so he keeps scanning plant's you otherwise just have to scann yourself to get them like Lunar Pitcher or Sunlight Jadeleaf. Everything else is just picked up by Vacuum but Plants are just a pain after you got the first 30 or so for the full codex entry. Let me hear your thoughs about it. Have a nice time Play Warframe Nakimato
  2. Assembled from the remnants of Warframes destroyed during the Old War and held together by Void energy. Passive: Chromatic-Energy Disorder, changes energy-colour/type every few (20-25) seconds to a randon element. 1. Ability: Handbomb, cost 25, throws the own arm towards the enemy causing an discharge on impact. Damage on impact 1300, enviromental damage 1000 (random passive element), radius 7m, cooldown 8s (can be bypassed by picking up your arm) 2. Ability: Redirection, drain 5/s, uses energy to boost a certain aspect of Broken Warframe 2.1.Energetic Legs, Movementspeed/actions +35% 2.2.Power Surge, Ability Power +35% 2.3.Weapon Overcharge, adds 35% damage to Weapons (changes with passive element) 3. Ability: Root, toggle, roots yourself into the ground making you immovable, forming a shield around you and replenishes energy for you and your team Activasion till rooted 2s, unrooting 1s, Energy gain 10/s, radius 4, shield health 6000 4. Ability: Darkvoid Pulse, cost 100, overcharges enemy weapons but causes them to deal more damage but can misfire and explode, melee hits trigger misfire more accurate Activation radius 25m, duration till max range 4 seconds, damage multiplier for enemy's x3, chance to misfire 50%/ melee hits 85%, enviromental damage 2500 (uses passive element), explosion radius 5m Unique Perks for Broken Warframe: Best Regards Nakimato PS; I hope there are not too many spelling mistakes *-*
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