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  1. "Oh, a topic I commented on is still kicking around." *Scrolls through thread* ...dear God...
  2. Pick your favorite headpiece and match the other three parts according to taste (ignore the stats). Make the other two heads with the cheapest/available parts for the remaining slots. Level them all up, gild, level again and trade the two burners in for standing. You have one MOA you like with all 6 MOA precepts.
  3. They're the only three prime frame (Vauban, Valkyr, Ash) that haven't been available on Switch, so it makes perfect sense that they would be the most expensive. The price is a bit steep, but that's their choice and yours not to buy it.
  4. Multiple creatures in one encounter (e.g. pobbers) will count as one. Subspecies of the same creature are considered different. Basically, have two or three echo lures (pheromones optional but make it easier) and aim to get as many subspecies as possible. This mission is buggy (gave me credit where I shouldn't have, didn't when it should). However, if you do what I described, you'll def. complete it.
  5. https://riven.market/ Otherwise, spend 50 Emissary Cred for 10k Kuva and reroll it 3 times.
  6. Got my Harrow Systems last night (...finally). Still works (Oberon main).
  7. Are you at the stage for making apothics? IIRC you need to get all your plant scans and craft it before it prompts you to hit the altar.
  8. If DE is warning you in-game not to extract from your mission during maintenance, I don't think you're going to find a more official source. To put it plainly, they don't post the message because they're bored. While it may not always happen, there's enough of a chance that they warn you (let's be honest, this game can be very buggy, why risk it?)
  9. Next step is what should have been Step 1.
  10. Use Limbo with max range and as many loot detection mods as you can (don't forget Animal Instinct and Vacuum/Fetch for your companion). Rest of the mods you can apply to taste. Periodically cast your Catacylsm as you run around the map. The remaining icons on your mini-map should be the caches. Reason why the build is more important than watching a video is that the locations are somewhat random and you can conquer all Sabotage caches once you have a Loot busting build.
  11. 1.) Zephyr 2.) Every aimglide mod you can fit 3.) High accuracy primary (I use Grinlok) 4.) Helene / Hydron Jump and hold above pod (I don't even use 1). Usually done in the first 30ish seconds and abort.
  12. Assuming SoggyPizza01 and SoggyPizza02 haven't been banned yet...
  13. Only reason I'm 99.9% confident is that I had the same reaction after the update. Once I cleared them out, they were back.
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