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  1. Where is the sleep fix. Having to force a shutdown on my switch can't be good. I mean fix this urgently. It's been a while. I can barely take care of a goldfish you expect me to remember to close warframe every time switch goes to sleep? Cmon DE we are losers.
  2. Even if with an sd card if the game eventually reaches 30GB that could be a problem tbh. You should start to consider a solution tbh, even with a 128gb thats like 20% of the storage 😐
  3. Doesn't matter what I try to do. You can set colors on syandana and attachments on equinox. The default color always remains. Guess the equinox won't have this problem. 😒😂
  4. Oh i was expecting to get it until tomorrow, guess thats not happening.
  5. Im glad we are getting the update this fast. How long does it usually take from certification to actual release? And when can we expect more tennogen since the switch its a bit behind regarding that.
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