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  1. You are not the only person in that situation. Like you, many others are stuck between going back to PC and losing thousand on hours on switch or just sucking it up and dealing with all this. I see a lot of people making the point that you dont lose anything if you go back to PC but you obviously do. Cross progression wont be a reality in the near future, the only real option would be to migrate back to PC but if they enable that, switch player base ,which is already decreasing, would just die. Some would still play on switch but most who came from PC would go back to it.
  2. Waiting for cross-save isnt a solution, every time it gets mention its always like that. It gives off the feeling that isn't anywhere near done, could be 3 years from now and we still dont have cross-save. They've been talking about cross save since ps4 and xbox got warframe and its still the same thing. A lot of online games have cross progression among all platforms, and these are games like warframe, which get constant updates so DE either doesnt think its worth money wise investing on cross-save or they simply think they have better stuff to do. Unless there's a big uproar I doubt the
  3. Giving a release date brings hype, hype brings attention players and etc. When they announce a date most players will even start playing beforehand. Switch players are just frustrated cause most feel trapped on a platform that DE does care about yes, but not enough. Most times people cry for unjustified reasons, but here it's more than justified cause it isn't the first, second or third time this happens. Its always like this. So they know how long it takes. But they still say it will release at the same day. And they go like hey, not TODAY, but probably this WEEK. The same hy
  4. I feel like many like me just keep playing on switch cause we wasted so much time and our progression is just too ahead of PC to go back there. I think this frustration is understandable cause we are always getting the short end of the stick. Cross save would solve almost every problem even if it brought some new ones. It would even bring more players to switch and pc. But if that was an option it wouldve been implemented months ago. We just gotta suck it up or cry enough until DE gives us an option to transfer back to pc.
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