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  1. No Twitch drop here despite watching start to finish. Has been fine in past weeks.
  2. It automatically hides this until the respective quests have been done.
  3. Whatever happened to the fix for that ducat drop?
  4. Bump. Have had this happen the past couple days consistently with the Kubrodon one.
  5. The enemy detection distance is atrocious. Can hardly go near a conservation start spot without getting spotted by some enemy, and it isn't made better by the obnoxious addition of the thumpers. Was excited for the conservation addition, but man does it suck in its current state when there is such high enemy concentration.
  6. Can PoE follow Fortuna's trend of not requiring bait for (rare) fish, since it got the bait conversion to be the same? Otherwise this just becomes an even larger standing sink, when the standing cap still (and surely always will) remains.
  7. If forma in simulacrum doesn't count for the NW (whether specified or not), why allow it? It wastes a forma, still resets your gear, and you get no credit? Why not just say to have the player go out of simulacrum? Would make sense if simulacrum was useful in a sense where you could forma / potato your gear to test the limits without actually consuming said item, but otherwise, it's just an annoying waste.
  8. Really minor thing: Please make Nora go away once she has said her line when you go to the Nightwave / Acts screen. It's really awkward looking with her there saying nothing and twisting her head around.
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