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  1. I've been playing since release! It used to be so much worse.. Especially the camera stick! That was unbearable. They never really fixed it until about January. They removed the fat deadzone in the stick, at least. But erry other update, the inner zone of the camera either gets bigger or smaller. Whatever it is they're doing, I wish they could either fix the camera stick and remove the low zone, or stop messing with it every other update. The camera was crap when Fortuna came. Then a patch was released and then the camera felt good enough. Then Part 2 came out and it went back to being insanely sluggish. A patch after that felt decent, and now PoE remaster it's back to being crap. The inner zone of the camera feels so slow in a huge area in the center I used to have my sensitivity set at 40. When Fortuna Part 2 came out, I had to move it up to 80 just to make it feel normal again. I used to never have to push so far on the stick just to turn. I have to put my sensitivity at 80 just to feel that again. I also use extended thumb grip on my first party pro controller so the inner low zone of the stick is even more noticeable. I hope next update they fix the camera so I can enjoy it while it lasts. I don't play this game that much anymore solely because of the camera. And I doubt they'll ever fix it or pay attention to the bad controls we've had since release. I've made many complaints and nothing has changed and no one has responded. So I guess they don't care as much. It'd just be nice to have full control and customization over the camera. And tighter controls Edit: And the cursor! It's rly difficult to make micro adjustments on the slider bars in the Menus
  2. Never had this problem. Maybe your power supply in your house or apartment is weak? My friend's is like taht lol but he too doesn't have this problem, I don't think. If anything, it takes way longer to charge his thing
  3. I use ethernet and I can notice a LOT of people who got them lags. I can't open lockers sometimes, doors don't open, enemies teleporting. ALL the time. But Dedicated servers are expensive af and I doubt they'd ever have them in. Kinda dumb to
  4. 600+ hours lol But yes, operator has one issue that needs a fix. And that's sometimes when going into operator and back, buttons will no longer work and pressing L to slide will transfer out again. You have to transfer back again to fix it. Shouldn't happen more than once in a game tho. Also, when the buttons don't work bcuz operator thing is bugged, pressing A B X or Y will use those abilities bcuz the game assumes you're holding R. Pretty sure it's just that. When the game fps dips hard, sometimes it won't even let me transfer at all. Sometimes I even hold R to use another ability and it still transfers again. Doesn't happen often tho. Just can't use controls at a fast pace. Wish you could tho. Controls aren't tight and have long delays in buttons anyways. Mostly with camera and L/R and Abilities
  5. Collecting things off the ground; ammunition, mods, rare drops, etc; need to be fixed. I think it'll heavily improve performance when you pick up a mod or ammo and the effects disappear right away. I always go back to a spot where I collected stuff and see the particles still there. And there are so many options they could do to improve performance. As in reducing effects and visuals and a bunch of unnecessary things that I see in game It's really needed in Open worlds with multiplayer
  6. Got the Zenith, too. My wall hack is bugged :c
  7. Eh. It would be a problem if you didn't press the chat button hard enough and started typing and your cursor going errywhere. Just as long as you don't select lol But I can see how annoying it is when you're tryna select something but accidentally press a key
  8. Oh yeah! That. When I played on PC for a couple hours, I liked when I was in navigation, I'd just press W A S or D and it'd move my cursor over to the Pause/Cancel area when joining a mission. T'was nice
  9. Ye, I noticed. But earlier today, I used L and it worked. T'was satisfying to do it again. So for me, I think it's fixed since I was able to use L again
  10. I've had this issue since I got the operator. Switching to my operator then back, disables ALL buttons. But when you press L to slide, he comes back out. So you gotta transfer back into the Warframe again, and it'll fix it for the rest of the game. Thought it'd be fixed by now
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