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  1. uh, a week? i blew up through the new content in less than 2 days. i wish it was a week
  2. No, it's just annoying if you constantly have to rev a player that can't keep himself alive. Other than that, I would say you just fell in a bad squad.
  3. I wouldn't say the market is a good way to check for mastered weapons. Better to check upder profile > equipment > sort by progress
  4. I would say it's a bug, as many of the other flydolon bugs. Most notably because most of the time, his feet go into the platform and you can't even see him firing the lasers and because you are instagibbed before you get control of your warframe back.
  5. I remember that MR8 test. Wanted to #*!%ing burn the world when I had failed it 5 times in a row (didn't know you could practice tests back than), just because some of the jumps are designed to be between the normal jump and bullet jumps, as in irregular lengths.
  6. You have to verify and optimize it a few times, because warframe. When I first installed the game I had to do the verify/optimize cycle 3 times in a row for the game to start working.
  7. You don't need a build, just good weapons. The only suggestion I would give is zephyr, so you can fly through those big gap parts in the map. Otherwise I just use my eidolon rubico and amp and pretty much 1 hit it in each phase. Plus, you have the bonus of zephyr having lots'o'ehp.
  8. Farm the flydolon for wisp. I've done only a single run of the endless disruption for the 4k point reward and killing the flydolon for wisp around 20 times. I have all her parts built /xcept the systems requiring nitain/ and I have around 800-1000 in stock. Just make sure to kill the mobs spawning around the flydolon.
  9. I wouldn't say it's entitlement, rather people with real lives. The current state of the game is for people who can devote almost all their free time to grinding, or pay for plat. If you are not living your life in the game itself, it is absurdly grindy and hard to get to anywhere. Don't get me wrong, I've played plenty of grindy games. But spending 80 hours to get Nidus Chassis is not fun. It is not a game that you can just jump in for an hour and enjoy. That's most people's gripe with the game currently. Also, the fact that I've spent more time on the wiki reading, instead of in the actual game is very disturbing. There is no tutorials or explanations for nothing. You either hit your head on the wall until you find the correct way of doing it, or you close the game and open the wiki. It just feels as if the studio is made of two teams, that are fighting for the completely opposite things. On one hand you have the amazing art and awesome story ideas, on the other you have the worst coding and mechanics ideas. imho, it's just people being pissed off at a game with great potential just being mediocre.
  10. I agree with OP. Buggiest boss fight I've played. Worst UI changes in terms of use and clarity/information. Copy/paste extraction game mode. Adding wisp part, which requires a currently unobtainable material. Hotfix after hotfix in a matter of hours, having to logout multiple times. And if DE tells me I'll have to deal with their spam mail every time I want to play the buggiest game of all time, I think I'll pass. I got enough spam from their support already. Did I mention the crashes and black screens? I'm glad they, at least, didn't delete your thread.
  11. First invisible flydolons, than invisibility for everyone!
  12. Why did you delete my thread DE? Did I offend you with the screenshot of the blueballs patchnotes or with the list of flydolon bugs?
  13. I have also had this happen to me and submitted support tickets. No, DE won't fix it, no DE won't bring your standing back, every time the answer is they didn't find anything unusual, relogging fixes the issue with the level up, but it does forcibly remove some of the gained standing without a way to regain it. At this point I'm starting to think they either don't want to fix the damn bugs in this game, or in a worst case scenario, they don't know how to.
  14. I never fight him and always avoid him while doing missions and just finish the mission without fighting him. If he spawns in Hydron, while I'm trying to level my stuff, I just abort. Why? Fought him 10 times in the beginning, got nothing else than regular mods. I ain't spending 15-30-45 min fighting a bullet sponge, that drops nothing. And I ain't alone. 90% of the time he spawns usually 1 or 2 ppl from the squad quit immediately. If DE wants ppl to fight him and spend time on his awful gimmick (having 3 invincible nukers around him, that pretty much 1 hit you with their molotovs), he has to drop ONLY his rare drops. Remove the mods. The 30% chance to have a hammer part drop feels more like 5% when you fight him over and over and get nothing. You have a chance to have a chance at a part you need. A roll locked behind a roll locked behind a time wall. As with everything in this game, it was meant to be a grind, but it's just such an awful and unenjoyable one, that most people don't even bother. Yeah, I spent 5 full days grinding for that Nidus chestpiece, because I got a Warframe out of it (and I didn't enjoy it). I ain't spending 5 full weeks grinding for a weak ass hammer, that aside from getting some mastery XP out of, I ain't ever gonna use. If you want people to fight him, here's what has to be done: 100% drop rate for his rares, remove mod drops. 50% for a hammer part, 50% for w/e else rare he drops. Either remove the 1 hit molotovs from the inv mobs that spawn with him, or make them killable before him. OR Make his EHP the same as stalker, or close to, so it doesn't take 15 min to kill him. If that is done, I'll spend time on killing him. Either spending a long period of time to get a guaranteed drop, or a quick kill for a chance of a drop is good. But half an hour for a chance of a chance of a drop - nope.
  15. A lot of people are having performance issues right now, me including. The last update botched things up. You're lucky to have a 20 fps drop, I get from 120 fps to 40 when playing in a squad. Solo seems to work fine.
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