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  1. In Player's Profile, in the Equipment section, there are duplicates of kitguns both showing 'Mastered' and 'Unmastered'. In the Challenges section, the Bug Out Ride, Jugger-Not, and Kill It With Fire challenges are bugged. I've killed a lot of Juggernauts in the Cambian Drift and rode the bugs in the Cambian Drift but these challenges shows zero progress made.
  2. The Avichaea poop spawn and the skeleton bird call spawn is stuck spawning at the same bottom left corner of the map. There'sonly 1 instance and we have to go back to Necralisk and go back out again. The poop markers are showing either that same one spot or non existent location on the map.
  3. Gotta give it to the DE devs for consistently pissing off their players. So an ability to "auto slot" Ayatan stars is SUCH AN END GAME experience that it requires 2 mastery rank higher than Helminth? Or that even the Market, Syndicate and clan Research weapons are SUCH A HIGH TIER content that can only be enjoyed by players who are 6 ranks higher than Helminth does?
  4. Revert back the mastery rank required from 8 back to 15.
  5. Image shows that I am immediately kicked out of the Jordas Golem mission when I select the mission again, after completing it. Which leads to the second problem. Go back to navigation and pick a node with another mission on top like a node with Nightmare or Sortie or Fissure or Syndicate. I end up can't pick anything else and I can't leave the Navigation window and Im forced to force close the game. Image shown below DE, you have got to stop delivering updates that BREAKS your GOD DAMN game.
  6. And you guys didn't bother to fix the bug with the Exploiter Orb fights where doors wont open especially when there is lag or when Exploiter Orb doesn't do anything after having her first heatsink blown off. So yeah. PRIORITIES
  7. The Exploiter Orb fight is still buggy as all hell. First it was the doors in Deck 12 not opening, then it was the doors not opening for me but I can see my team mates all just walked RIGHT THROUGH THE DAMN DOOR. And there is this lovely picture of the Exploiter Orb NOT PROGRESSING after removing the first piece of her heatsink thingy. Care to compensate for the WASTED THERMIA and the WASTED TIME those of us who still play this? Get your damn priorities in order, DE.
  8. While this Dog Days event is nice and all, it doesn't change the fact you didn't listen to your players telling you not to go ahead with the Xoris interaction with exalted weapons nerf, among many other knee-jerk reactions.
  9. 1. Revert the Xoris interaction with warframe abilities nerf. 2. Vauban's Tesla Nervos UI is still bugged. Sometimes you don't see the number of Nervos available. 3. Revert the Xoris interaction with warframe abilites nerf. 4. Vauban's Bastille doesn't work with warframe spectres in the Junction. 5. Revert the Xoris interaction with warframe abilities nerf. 6. Boost the Steel Essence drop rates. 7. Revert the Xoris interaction with warframe abilities nerf. 8. The Steel Path rewards from Teshin is pathetic. New Operator fashion and that's it? Kuva, relic packs
  10. Obligated or not, DE would have to live with their decisions and how it affects players. And also since they reverted their change when one player who plays conclave was complaining about the Universal Syndicate medallion being applicable to the Conclave. DE was super quick to revert that. Relevant or not, it's a forum to get player's feedback. I play Warframe, I have comments on how DE chooses to work on the game, whether I like it or not. I give my suggestions as well as calling them out on their BS.
  11. You went ahead and nerfed the interaction with Xoris and exalted weapons. Players have been telling you NOT to do it and you went ahead anyway. Are you all ignorant and stupid?
  12. Because "unintentional" "oversight" and "overwhelming" damage is apparently far more dangerous and game-breaking than actual bugs that's been ingame for YEARS. Lke oh I don't know.... 1. Vauban's Tesla Nervos UI not showing properly the number of rollers/balls. 2. Wukong stuck in animation while attempting to ride the Ropalolyst. 3. Unairu Wisp not spawning or spawning not in front of the Operator. 4. Doors refusing to open despite using Unstuck command, or going into Operator and back. 5. Wukong unable to cast anything else or use a melee or change weapons when pressi
  13. The Xoris didn't exactly made exalted weapons put out "overwhelming" damage output. High-dispo melee's with God-rolled rivens do. Incorrect statement basically. Again, this is a lie. I choose, "CHOOSE" to use the Xoris over other meta statstick melee of choice because I wanted flexibility. I. WANTED. FLEXIBILITY. In addition to my earlier post, there are some more you can do instead of nerfing the crap out of Xoris, a glaive weapons, GLAIE weapons that are basically unused aside from mastery fodder. 1. Boost exalted weapons damage output. They are EXALTED weapo
  14. I disagree. The Xoris gives players who want to play the exalted weapons more choice. I main Wukong, and until the Xoris showed up, I see no point to use the Iron Staff, unless I use Naramon's Power Spike, and a high dispo melee. The Xoris gives me freedom to use Zenurik, or Vazarin, or Unairu, or Madurai, but frankly, it's just Zenurik because the rest of the schools is useless. Or only needed in Ediolon hunts which I don't do much, at all. Firstly, apologies accepted. Secondly, calling it an "oversight" indicates that you have abyssmal understanding of your game mechanics. A g
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