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  1. hace 6 minutos, Voltage dijo:

    Thank you for the hotfix.

    I'm afraid this new UI needs alot more than music added. There needs to be more information and smarter use of the screen real estate as mentioned in January from Pablo's thread. The screen should be expanded by default or atleast have a memory for player preferences. Having to expand a UI menu every single mission for a screen that was expanded for years feels just as bad as hover-overs. 😕

    Being expanded by default goes against their design choose of having player's Warframes show up there. But I agree the Statistics screen need better layout usage it's a lot of unused space. 



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  2. So... This has been like this for a while. other players don't seem to see the Thumper broken like this ... their gun are like out of the sockets floating in the air.
    This is not an occurrence from time to time.. they just spam like this everytime in any of their versions, everytime I visit the plains, all Thumpers will look broken like this to me.



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