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  1. Whats it with you Quasar people spamming "X nerf when"? Not on the forums much these days.
  2. Grendel is held down by these things: 1. His feast ability needs to be free movement, it has a very long casting time and severely limits mobility, even with speed drift + natural talent. Additionally, it should be free cast or have a reduced cost if there are no enemies in his stomach. Also, energy should not be drained immediately, but only after 5 or more enemies are absorbed. All his other abilities build on feast, he already takes more energy than any other frame to be able to even cast other abilities. 2. Nourish needs to be a rotation like Ivara's quiver or Vauban's Minelayer. Forcing people to selectively eat certain enemies only if they want one kind of buff is nonsencial. His 3 is pretty fine, looking forward for the augment. 4. The most ignorable 4th ability ever? Slash dash is superior to this and needs no setup time. Please just remove it and give him something useful, it's a horrible movement ability, a mediocre damage ability and it offers no CC or utility. It doesn't even fit into his kit or synergize with other frames.
  3. While this is a step in the right direction, I feel like this is not enough. What exactly would be the problem of being able to reliably get all new weapons first, and then have the duplicates rolling in?
  4. No, I mean the gun. As in which specific gun the lich is carrying. Brakk, Drakgoon etc. Killed 21 Liches in the first 6 days, still missing 4 weapons. I'll wait with further hunting until DE do something to counter this nonsencial, frustrating RNG.
  5. Thanks for keeping the hotfixes up! Sadly this hotfixe does not bring any new changes towards the terrible Kuva Lich weapon RNG or the fact that you killed coop lich farming by removing team gains from kuva lich finisher attempts. I'm on my 20th Lich now and I still miss Kraken, Drakgoon, Shildeg and the Brakk. Do you have an ETA on when you'll address these issues? Stats transfer is nice and all, but I'd actually like to have the guns I'd try to make perfect first. Additionally, will there be more incentives to hunt liches? They don't give us anything apart from a gun that requires more grind than any other item in Warframe. Will converted liches get a buff anytime soon? because right now they are less useful and reliable than any specter and don't add anything to the game at all apart from lag when appearing.
  6. Thanks for recognizing this. I hope I will be able to hunt kuva liches together with my friends soon, as of now the new update has been more of a splitting experience, funneling everyone into their own occupied nodes. Please do also consider adding additional rewards, once a player has acquired all guns this system can be ignored as it isn't tied to anything ele in the game.
  7. I agree, especially removing murmur sharing for liches really hits where it hurts, this is a coop game, right? We definitely need more of a reward than a simple gun, too. Never grinded for so long for single firearm.
  8. Grendel feels extremely sluggish even with the very recently added improved damage scaling and radial damage on puke. I think the frame would tie in a lot more into the fast gameplay if his 1 was a one-handed action. The casting time is so slow that my teammates will have cleared a room while I'm still eating only to be able to actually use my other abilities. He also should have a higher minimum of enemies he can hold without consuming energy and energy cost for holding should be slightly lowered, even with positive duration and eficiency you'll use energy rather quickly. So far I have found him underwhelming in fast, mobile missions and defensive missions. He has quite some survivabiliy but as good as no tactical use. Simply shooting and slashing enemies has turned out far more effective in level 100+ gameplay and the fact that his buff is random adds insult to injury. Why not make it a rotation ability like Vauban's Minelayer? Edit: Completely forgot about his 4, it's just the worst a 4th ability could be. It makes you even slower, it's clunky, it needs live enemies work, it deals no comparable damage, it feels like a joke someone made was turned into an ability. There could have been so much cool stuff like vortexing in all enemies to grendel where they gradually get eaten or turning eaten enemies into a CC/AOE. I can't see myself ever using this skill until it get's a heavy buff.
  9. I disagree on the difficulty and enemy level parts, they should even gve us options to scale it up to level 200 or more to gain greater rewards, it's supposed to be endgame content, so please don't complain about enemies barely above sortie level, they're a joke to handle. Now that Kuva Liches are opt-out there's no reason to complain for getting your head bashed in, you know what you signed up for. Rewards, that's problem numero uno: We get nothing apart from the gun or ally. We should get either an interest (maybe multiply resources and creds with lich level) on the stolen resources from the lich or gallons of kuva extra, right now, and you got that very right, Liches are a glorified effort of RNG layered weapon grind. People who want others to kill their Lich aren't selfish, they just don't want your lich to block their possible lich spawns, you're selfish because you entered a mission knowing you might reduce other people's chances to fight their lich if you don't clear it. Again, if you're not ready for it, don't sign up for it, you get all stuff back after killing your lich anyway, would you miss 20k credits?. I hope DE finds a solution to this soon, though, it's pretty broken, they really borked the coop aspect in a coop-game, which has me concerned.
  10. Thanks! But how about making the lich weapon less RNG? I had 5 Karaks, 2 kohms and I'm on the 3rd ogris now and I still miss 4 (Edit: 5 forgot kraken, that's 16 liches now) weapons. It is incredibly frustrating and adds nothing to the game, you don't even sell lich boosters or anything, so you don't profit either. Every Update you mess up at least one thing with horrible RNG. Do you hate us? The rollback on faster lich progress is also very disappointing, this is a coop game, don't punish people for playing together.
  11. I mean, could we at least get kuva drops from max level thralls or something? Or extra hard nodes where they drop kuva? Because honestly, it really sweetened the deal when you had to farm a duplicate gun. Now I'm again stuck with another duplicate without any motivation.
  12. Looking at the recent hotfix, they seem to listen, which is very commendable.
  13. I myself have shelved titania, can't say much about dex pixia. Overall if a frame is popular the feedback is just more constant and numerous and it's likely to get fixed sooner because a bigger crowd will be happy then, but that's a general effect of demographics I guess.
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