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  1. I have been using a slide macro with around 2 attacks/sec for years (it doesn't fully do the attack, still gotta move), same as a bullet jump macro because I actually am unable to use one of my fingers on my keyboard hand. This statement clarifies nothing, because DE didn't tell anyone what automization means. Do you mean 40 min AFK farm with nekros or rather simply giving us easier acess to certain button-combos? Why do you even make it possible to get a fire rate of 20 on single fire gun? Maybe rather make a gun automatic as soon as it hits a certain treshold? Well, maybe most of this stuff may not be relevant anymore when melee 3.0 hits the game. IF it ever hits. This is especially scary, just HOW HARD can it be to create an in-game notification for players that tells them to not use certain macros once an exploit is discovered? You're basically telling us that we get randomly banned whenever you see reason to spontaneously change something, in my eyes this is pure terror, to be a bit hyperbolic.
  2. I'm rank 24 now in the current nightwave and haven't encountered the wolf once. Could we please avoid this heavily RNG-based mess in the future and give bosses a boss node?
  3. Disappointed by the Nidus and Khora augments, they should at least have something to do with the kit or the ability itself, but another loot augment? Seems really unnecessary at this point.
  4. Really appreciate the work of the team here, they sure put a lot of work into it and the personality of the orbs is pretty damn neat, first we got the overcaring mother, now the abusive stepmom straight from the 1920s. While I undestand that this boss fight is supposed to be different, I still think it has a big flaw, which is the fact that no matter how good everything you grinded for in this game is, the fight remains exactly the same. I mean warframe is all about getting new frames and guns and making them more effective, now you gave us a boss that: 1. Ignores all abilites 2. Is only marginally influenced by damage 3. Has a fight that ALWAYS plays out the same, no matter what OK, while there are some abilities that can help you in the fight (gara, oberon), I don't get why you are trying to make this fight essentially a 10 minute canister-throwing contest. Warframe has so many gameplay possibilities to offer and you literally don't use any of the mechanics the game has to offer apart from the most basic things: running, shooting and healing. The fact that player were use these exploits shows how in the end it all boils down to "get the loot as fast as you can and repeat". It makes grinding for gear and getting better feel pointless again, because nothing has an effect on it, anyway. Any player with an oberon that has 150% strenght, a streamline mod and the rage mod or energy plates and a snipetron with 6 mods can solo this fight. Why don't we get to USE what we have?
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