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  1. Very happy with the Grasp of Lohk change, however I think it could at least target exposed boss bodyparts with reduced accuracy and effectiveness. Right now all bosses with weakspot-exclusive vulnerabilities are immune to 95% of our damage abilities and weapon buffs are still the meta. Also, how about giving grasp of Lohk the ability to target all enemies that are affected by Xaku's abilities at an indefinite range to add further synergy and make Xaku work better in the open worlds? I also think Gaze is awkward to use as it requires an enemy to be cast on. Could we please be able to cast
  2. No, I mean the gun. As in which specific gun the lich is carrying. Brakk, Drakgoon etc. Killed 21 Liches in the first 6 days, still missing 4 weapons. I'll wait with further hunting until DE do something to counter this nonsencial, frustrating RNG.
  3. I am curious in how it remembered you of dark souls. Did you KO a lot of enemies at the same time as they kill you?
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