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  1. Even giving its abilities the scaling treatment vauban and grendel have would already bring them into a much better spot.
  2. Looking forward to this. Especially the added synergy will make Xaku work more like an actual composition and less like some Warframe corpses glued together. Stoked for taking it for a spin after the adjustments. One thing on void damage: The status effect seems misplaced. A bullet attractor says space magic as much as a rumpsteak says vegan. Are there plans to change the void damage status effect to something more relatable? I'd imagine a 'neutral' effect that works on anything would fit a 'neutral' damage type.
  3. Dear DE, Heart of Deimos is so full of timed missions that are artificially stretched to limit player progression. Please stop with that, it would be nice if missions were less designed about waiting and more about actually playing the game, fighting powerful enemies, doing all that fancy ninja stuff we can do. I don't understand why most missions consist of standing on a spot for 4 minutes and killing enemies, we already have defense, survival, interception, and a lot of nodes these can be played on. Latrox Une is the most notorious example for this tedious system. We don't have a
  4. You're not very far into the game, are you? Also, I didn't want to hurt your feelings or offend you there. it's just a very basic thing that is pretty obvious and making a thread about it like it being some OP-combo while other, much more broken things exist seemed really satirical to me.
  5. Oh, wow, so stronk. Want another insight? Inaros with 10k HP is squishy when compared to Baruuk.
  6. You don't use the finisher on the demolyst, you mark an enemy close to it and finish that enemy.
  7. Did you come here to talk about Hotfixes? How did you know that's my favorite subject??? In all seriousness though, the token system is totally busted. On Fortuna a common gem nets you 50 standing, on Deimos you need to give 8 + some minerals for 100 standing, this is not acceptable. Same goes for animal captures, It doesn't have to be kubrodon incarnadine levels, but 200 standing per common animal should be in! Basically everything but bounties have become less profitable. Bounties mostly consist of time-waster missions that force players to wait for minute
  8. I'd not be surprised if nothing would change at all. Like how much buggier could releases be?
  9. Daggers suck and it's a shame and I'd like to see them be better too.
  10. This looks like it would work in solo, but when I run with my squad everything vaporizes way before MfD could happen and I get to do a finisher. It prolly won't work on most bosses or Eidolons, where you would actually need it. because let's be honest as long as my stropha hits 24mil I won't even bother going through a two-step frame-specific combo. There's not many things you can't instantly vaporize with normal equipment and a proper damage buff, this might have potential for steel path disruption long-runs.
  11. It's not a bad gun. Yes, the flamethrower bit is misleading, but 25k crits on the secondary fire with barely 4 mods on it speak for themselves. Running it with 7 mods now and it's OK, not insanely awesome but OK.
  12. Aye, it's there now, so if a void is created by removal it has to be filled.
  13. I really tried to make Xaku less terrible, Forma, Helminth abilities and subsumed abilities, but there's simply no way this frame can become viable or even good ina specialized role without a buff. Let's face it: Xaku has nothing going for it. - No strong offense, 10k void damage on an ability with mods is nothing, any well modded weapon does more and has no eternal casting time, Xata's whisper is the worst elemental buff ability in the game and the unique damage type it has does nothing, because the only time when you really need it on eidolons it does. not. work. The void status proc is
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