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  1. Genoscythe

    The Buzlok accuracy nerf

    A few hotfixes ago, the buzlok has received an accidential stealth nerf (probably with the new projectile mechanics) that makes it fire all over the place after an initial salvo, heavily reducing its accuracy when not locked onto an enemy. As of fortuna, the accuracy is still low (tested last night with 24.0) This has already been addressed multiple times without any answers by DE. Looking at how buzlok is only really effective with a good riven anyway, further limiting its use seems to make no sense and is obviously a small oversight. Apart from that, homing projectiles are still not affected by flight speed mods. It would be nice to have an answer on this matter from the devs. Precedents
  2. Genoscythe

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    I think Revenant feels rather blunt right now, here's an explanation why by ability: Definitely an interesting concept that could see some tweaks, visuals are fantastic! Stats: He is very squishy for a frame with only one lacking defensive ability and no real crowd control. Armor could be much higher, and he is built around shields which is even worse considering how inferior they are to armor. The passive also is built around shields, why not give him the ability to compensate his squishyness by adapting to the last three damage types received? Sentient-style. 1. Enthrall: See below why I think that thralling and mind-control do not work! Warframe is too fast, too violent for us needing the time to control an enemy, straight-out killing it is always better. For life-support, for mission progression, for loot. I would suggest making enthrall an ability that deals damage to an enemy while controlling it and spawns an enemy eidolon when it dies from said damage. The damage spread should proceed like before, including the control. There is no reason right now to not kill an enemy with this frame, overshield pickups are worthless, minion damage is nonexistent and they are not responsive enough. Also teammates will probably take the kill immediately, as thralls can be damaged by allies. 2. Mesmer skin: It would be good if the cast time would not take ages and if it would actually negate all damage sources. Right now it does not negate: Grineer rampart turrets, which are the most damaging enemy in the game, Napalm flame patches, which are the second most deadly enemy in the game. Maybe there should be a short delay where no damage can be dealt after being hit from the same enemy (0.1 sec? to not get downed by a shotgun load). 3. Reave: Probably the least scaling skill in the game? No range scaling, no damage scaling, only duration counts. It's really only OK-ish if you have many enemies enthralled, but maybe at least the base amount of damage could scale with STR? It could also have a DoT or debuff after hitting an enemy, but right now this ability needs the possibility to scale better! Also vertical movement should be possible, as it serves as a movement augmenter for Danse Macabre, Ledges and railings still become my worst enemy, which is kinda ridiculous. 4. Danse Macabre: While it is a lot better than the original fourth abiliy, it also is kinda disconnected from the skillset apart from his 3. I can't really place the ability in any niche, as right now it's easier to use spin to win melee than spin to win abilites, but it has the right touch to it. However, if i wanna nuke something I can still be more effective with volt or saryn, but if I want to shred something close I can still use gara, atlas or khora or simply melee, and these can also aim their abilites. First off, I find the damage really unreliable unless up close, because it goes up and down, it takes too much time to rotate to deal damage to mid-range enemies again, making you an easy target. You also can't pass ledges or railings, as already said and it simply looks cool for a damage ability but kinda doesn't have that much use. It sometimes works against you, even: When fighting infested it will often change to gas, which is partially negated by toxic ancients, making the ability less useful! Maybe making it strongly directional would make more sense? This way enemy weakpoints could be targeted and one could concentrate the damage, being different from all other 4th abilities, because on the radial damage sector there's much better ones. Finally I don't get what the range stat does, I used ranges from 100 to 265% and I really didn't notice any difference. And one more thing, it NEEDS to destroy containers and other environmental objects, that really breaks immersion and makes you feel disconnected from the world. For more detailed explanation about why I think that enemy-controlling abilities like the thralls do not work well currently:
  3. Genoscythe

    The Temporary Future of Warframe Trials

    Dear People at DE, I think removing raids and adding arcanes to Eidolons is a huge mistake: 1. Raids were the only thing that were ENDGAME, not only in terms of stats/farmeable stuff (every incompetent casual can own good mods, forma'd weapons and heavy rivens if he just invests enough time), but also coordination-wise: They required players to not only have good stuff but also a certain amount of tactical skill, know-how and teamwork. This was a knowledge- and skill-aspect, and even as it became more routine made a huge difference. 2. You crush the arcane economy. Arcanes weren't needed to complete all aspects of the game. They were the cherry on top of that heavy-regen Inaros or the thing that allowed you to trade this efficiency mod for ember for another strength mod, but since zenurik and operator arcanes they became even less heavy impactant than before. They were the reward for the players willing to invest the time, patience and willpower to do the raids. With adding them to eidolons you don't only disrespect all those players who worked their butt off while grinding for them, you also heavily casualize the game and take away another end-game aspect and an income source for many people, as the prices will surely drop a lot. 3. You take away a whole sector of socialization. In my clan it's a tradition to do the 20h raid, almost every day. It was a way to get to know newer players and integrate those newer players into the community, in a way the raid schoolbus did. It was eight people trying to get along, get to know each other or simply hang out with friends. It's never gonna be the same again without the raids. IF you have to cut them, consider doing this before: - Add an endgame equivalent (and I mean endgame in terms of gear but also endgame in terms of SKILL) and items that can't be acquired by everyone. I know this sounds harsh but also online games are all about the length of your virtual reproduction organ. People will just stop playing if they feel there's nothing more you can get or content can just be breezed though. Summarizing this, I think that just taking raids away and further kicking your long-time players in the face is not the optimal solution.
  4. Genoscythe

    Devstream #100 Overview

    Didn't we just get a female frame already with gara? Or is the 2x femframe the compensation for nezha and wukong being 2 male frames released at once? How will this affect the prime-frame order in uuuuh... 5 years?
  5. Genoscythe

    PSA: Twitch Drops System Change

    I can blow up the whole grineer fleet with all the fireworks I got.
  6. Genoscythe

    Thank you, Tenno!

    Thanks, never stop improving and evolving!
  7. Viel Glück euch allen, Leute! Wo auch immer es hingeht, stark bleiben!
  8. Turning this around, can non-hitscan guns like the boltor get a damage buff on long distances to reward aiming and leading skill?
  9. Genoscythe

    Devstream #92 Overview

    Well, glaives are being reviewed for this, that we know. Maybe we will see some unique mechanics later that rewards using melee weapon and a gun in synergy. I could imagine killing enemies with the gun upping the combo multiplier or something when using gun and blade.
  10. Genoscythe

    Devstream #92 Overview

    I must say harrow looked a bit disappointing, normally you don't have the time to freeze and headshot your enemies when playing with a squad, trin does the job 10 times better. Apart from that only weapon/def and movement buffs seem a bit meager compared to other frames like chroma or rhino, who can handle themselves formidably without much ruckus and dont rely on headshots. I am really lookign forward to the new melee/secondary system though, maybe single swords and single daggers will get more use now.
  11. Why not. Used: Sobek, Synoid Gammacor and Sarpa. Loadout name: Extinction
  12. Genoscythe

    The Silver Grove: U2

    Well, at least some mastery fodder.
  13. Genoscythe

    Specters of the Rail: Hotfix 10

    Shame to the crossbreeding, but at least I got my glitchbro and my frankenavat.
  14. Meh, I don't get what lunaro wants to change with PvP. it's still PvP and as in all PvP content there will be lots of crying and hate, no matter if you miss that goal or simply get shot by another guy. I am really looking forward to the coming changes in the main game though and I hope they will be good. it gives me some confidence to see that DE are putting some effort and time behind this and actually don't rush the release. Keep it up guys!
  15. Genoscythe

    Volt Rework Feedback [Post Update 18.13]

    I feel that the damage from discharge should be dealt right away on single enemies. Normally you have to wait 4 seconds until the DoT of discharge starts on an enemy that does not have any other enemies in arc range. Also the arc range from shocked enemies seems really low to me. Overextended feels mandatory to make it viable. I also think that Volt is still no alternative to gunplay. His first ability should at least damage nullifier shields when you hit them directly. Apart from that he really feels fine to me.