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  1. Baruuk is kinda good and awful at the same time as he can be 100% bullet resistant with 200% range but his elude ability is ignored by any AoE kind of explosion, you step into a mine, instakill, bombard, instakill, napalm, instakill. I did some higher level stuff with him but his damage "resistance" is on/off as soon as you attack, so one bullet from a corpus tech can also cost your life, because he is squishy as hell no matter what.
  2. Nezha is a good frame with CC, high damage reduction and blazing chackram can heavily debuff enemies, while it can outright kill many enemies when you use its augment. You will get a good mix of mobility, control and damage while being able to to play all high level content assuming you have a good setup. NIdus would be another option, he's being visually appealing you can play him without any eficiency mods at 45% eficiency without problems and get the 90% damage reduction from parasitic link, the additional layer of defense from undying and access to one of the best CC abilities in the game: Larva. It has no range limit to fire away and you can play nidus over 200% range without problems, as the damage at 50-100 stacks should make short work of anything anyway. It's good for taking out a fortuna outpost before anyone knows you're there. Only problem is bossfights, nidus can't hit enemies in the air or weakpoints.
  3. I'm rank 24 now in the current nightwave and haven't encountered the wolf once. Could we please avoid this heavily RNG-based mess in the future and give bosses a boss node?
  4. Disappointed by the Nidus and Khora augments, they should at least have something to do with the kit or the ability itself, but another loot augment? Seems really unnecessary at this point.
  5. Really appreciate the work of the team here, they sure put a lot of work into it and the personality of the orbs is pretty damn neat, first we got the overcaring mother, now the abusive stepmom straight from the 1920s. While I undestand that this boss fight is supposed to be different, I still think it has a big flaw, which is the fact that no matter how good everything you grinded for in this game is, the fight remains exactly the same. I mean warframe is all about getting new frames and guns and making them more effective, now you gave us a boss that: 1. Ignores all abilites 2. Is only marginally influenced by damage 3. Has a fight that ALWAYS plays out the same, no matter what OK, while there are some abilities that can help you in the fight (gara, oberon), I don't get why you are trying to make this fight essentially a 10 minute canister-throwing contest. Warframe has so many gameplay possibilities to offer and you literally don't use any of the mechanics the game has to offer apart from the most basic things: running, shooting and healing. The fact that player were use these exploits shows how in the end it all boils down to "get the loot as fast as you can and repeat". It makes grinding for gear and getting better feel pointless again, because nothing has an effect on it, anyway. Any player with an oberon that has 150% strenght, a streamline mod and the rage mod or energy plates and a snipetron with 6 mods can solo this fight. Why don't we get to USE what we have?
  6. I don't see any of this really. A scav hunt with a rather boring objective and some kind of defense mission. This kind of defense gameplay exists since Warframe, it literally offers nothing new and becomes repetitive incredibly fast. The grind factor is OK in my opinion, the lack of clan leaderboards is not. I don't exactly get the problem there is with a bit of friendly competition. There is not much of a motivation to go on beyond opticor vandal and I think we had some a lot more creative events in the past. Remember when Steve said "we're bringing the war to warframe" back when the gravidus dilemma launched? That was quite an event, while it was repetitive as hell players actually had an influence, the feeling to be part of something bigger, there was a feeling of unity for both competing parties. Now we even got our event progress spoon-fed, it's not exciting if you can't lose. I would like more events where players are being given agency and where community decisions have an impact, not a glorified bounty that exclusively consists of "complete X of mission Y to get reward Z".
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