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  1. take a seat. there is about 400 new frames with no augments at all
  2. even our forum has to have its rahetalius, I guess 😞
  3. that is like... your opinion, man. with lots of new melees being breathed a new life into them, this paved the way for new builds. but, if you are choosing to not be using those alternative builds, there is only one party here to blame.
  4. warframe.market search for sets and you will get the best price per piece ratio
  5. friendly reminder that nidus' 2 can grab and pull the enemy out of their own bubble when they are inside (looks pretty cool, minuature frost-like globe stays there to chill)
  6. everything I say is my advice and opinion based on own experience only, i dont impose my expectations on people. but all good, at least you are trying to help.
  7. gone noticeably higher now that the boil has been removed, and neighbour's cerberus is gone
  8. ive had all primary mods (serration, hornet strike etc) by MR6, because I was asking for advices and that one was what I got. so, yeah, people do max their mods early. this also helped me to understadn what to do with all the ayatans Ive accumulated back then. what you said about braton vandal makes sense, but the table you 'pasted' does not convey this message. neither does it, that braton vandal set in non-grind conditions is 250p right now.
  9. yeah... no. this is a default paste from somewhere, nobody in the right mind would expect someone at mr7 to grind 8 zones of ESO for a braton vandal, which is also slightly worse than braton prime. I saw your Hek build, try removing flechette as slash is not that good on Hek and all the other mods that the other dude discouraged against. Have a fiddle with 60/60 electical or toxic mods, along with charged shell it will give you nice corrosive. Vicious Spread works great on Hek too, maybe mag size or fire rate or reload mod to sustain the damage you are putting out. get the hek augment (scattered justice) oh and max all your mods do thermia fractures whenever they pop up, it will give you opticor vandal and some rly good amalgam mods (organ shatter and serration). I agree 100%. with the right build, not only hek slaps very hard, but can also crit very hard completely with no crit chance mods.
  10. offensive vauban build is the bees knees. 10s bastille with decent range for agressive deployments gives this frame new purposes, especially with it's 3
  11. irdk what this thread is about. as with every 'statistics' derivation, looks to me that people need to be every now and then reminded that 'average joe does not exist'
  12. what i described outdamages nidus 1st in speed, hassle, energy cost, and dps output. oh and it clears maps. i think you should give it a go, you clearly haven't. larvae burst augment is completely nuts, but you do have to know how to use it and mod for it. but ofc, if you have a pre-made opinion, facts won't help.
  13. you need +dmg and +cd dmg riven, this will not cap out for very long as far as damage and foes go - this is what worked for me at least. the only thing that makes this gun shine, is the disposition. 300% crit damage is nuts on a gun with fire rate like the one it has. I am also a huge fan of Prisma Grinlok, although in comparison I've found Latron Prime to be working much more efficiently when you bind +attack to mouse scroll down or up 🙂
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