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  1. even corrupted - would be great to at least have one...
  2. if you kill enemies too quickly, the drones wont spawn. they only appear when (and where) there is a high concentration of enemies. let them spawn, and start killing multiple drones after a while, you will start seeing more essences dropping. I WOULD HOWEVER love the dropping essences NOT to disappear after a while. and they currently do. It is not related to the rotation end, but there seems to be an innate timer on these. this discourages from using smeeta like at all.
  3. so i can stack cold damage on my mutalist cernos freely, as demonstrated here: but as soon as I add toxin, the combined elemental damage seems to sink somewhere? I am aware how the combined elements calculate, but there is no way it translates 3k existing Cold dmg to the below 100 more dmg to viral, as soon as I add any toxin. whats the deal?? I have checked and confirmed this with all other orders of the elements and mods, but the issue persists. any big brains out there? forgot to add: tested in simulacrum and it is NOT a UI bug, there is a noticeable damage falloff when toxin mods are used
  4. thansk for reducing forma time to 23h. not sure if this is this update or the previous one, but it is appreciated
  5. i appreciate your hustle for the always-1st comment so you get your reactions in, but pls stop asking for dumb things as if everyone wants it. you're not talking on players behalf, never did, never will. thanks
  6. lol i just came here for the comments of ppl who agreed to use rivens with their conditions and dispositions, only to regularly cry every month. you go, guys
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