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  1. good. bring back 10k kuva into the offerings eventually please
  2. you seem to be dwelling in the past a lot, because you can grip it by something that was done poorly. its boring to read, especially when it spans across more than 2 or 3 posts. Riven mechanic is healthy in my opinion - it is the players who spend a lot of money on rivens that can feel the bitter taste of dispo change. And what you are describing further is the classic 'wanna sell the cake but want to keep the cake' bullS#&$.
  3. well we can already see the non triggering rage part across the community
  4. yeah but I am not a meta boy, and exergis is not a meta weapon. you have your fun with your condition overload zaw, sorry but that's easy. this is to show that even a non crit weapon (8%) can be made into hoovers, that will swipe the tileset like its dust - with no need to 100% the status chances 🙂
  5. if youve done the chimera prologue, I guess you can go after the ropalolyst now
  6. no. the current state of warframe is what you make it to be. if you're the guy who looks for all-everything meta, condition overload, spin to win, be my guest, but youre killing the game for yourself. niche frames with complex/non-standard builds are much more rewarding, fun, and fresh to other players too. you all gotta see my nidus build I came up with after 500h+. paper says it shouldnt, but it works so well.
  7. i've got a 4mil dmg red crit exergis. ANY 100% status builds are a joke compared to this.
  8. his 3 and 4 work without the line of sight, which already supersedes most mesa aimbot boys. matter of preference, and in the few last sorties it was me in Vauban who led my squad to victory, not saryn 🙂
  9. people don't understand that you can (still, today) completely disable entire tilesets with that warframe. kuva floods where you can afk. sortie defenses. interceptions. mobile defenses. or do infinite index with enemy never scoring a single point. range + duration + efficiency + repelling bastille. whining about vauban is old. and hes getting a rework on top if it, so it is also pointless now.
  10. this. be fkn grateful. also bc you can effectively obtain an otherwise MR-locked endgame weapon.
  11. you're wrong abt the correct pronunciation of this word, and you are not exactly a native english speaker, if you're nsw. your language is a mutation, just as american english is. no bias or undertones here, merely stating a fact. and you dont understand intellectual properties. you can't IP something that you openly have admitted is taken from somewhere else. at the end of the day DE has right to pronounce it the way they want to, but, for the record, it is not correct. if you have used all the determination you have wasted in this thread since the beginning on *actually* researching the legacy of this word/name and understanding it, we all would have had much better quality of experience coming from seeing your posts, tenno.
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