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  1. Augment Ideas and base stats! Impaling dreadthorn : 1 augment - Impaled enemies become more panicked the closer Furion is to them, increasing the amount of bleeding based on distance. If Furion has 35 or more rage, the impaled victim will scream in horror, terrifying (see nekros skills) up to 1/2/3 [per rank of augment mod] nearby enemies for a short duration upon being initially struck by impale. Violent swing : 2 augment - Furion will always take a heavy landing after leaving Pounce, but upon landing will crush any units underneath him and gain a small shield based off the amount of units he trampled. Impatience : 3 augment - Rush/Recover is no longer a toggle, instantly reducing his rage to 0 but is now uninterruptible by nullifier shields / effects Reckless Progression : 4 augment - Furion's skills no longer use energy, but cost double and in health instead. Energy orbs picked up by Furion now grant +5 rage and +10 health. maybe reduce his human form base stat a bit (ART means At Rank Thirty) 400 hp ART ---> 650 hp ART 150 armour ART ---> 500 armour ART no shields of course 1.2 sprint speed ---> 1.0 sprint speed 150 energy ART the arrow indicates change in stat after transforming with 4 (mods that affect the changing stats will be only calculated on the human form, then the stats gained are moved directly onto his beast form after transforming) his human form is definitely quite weak, probably just a tad tankier than a rank 30 ash since he still needs to chase to get the job done (ash can press 4) his beast form will be quite the damage sponge, giving him a hefty 650 hp and 500 armour, but with quite the movespeed reduction movement mods will be more effective on the beast form, since they are calculated using human form and therefore makes him a bit more flexible :) oh and one more thing i really shouldve mentioned - only kills with a melee weapon will grant rage (since if you give furion a sniper it kind of ruins the 'chase' part) Edit: i intend for the heavy landing to be used in synergy with his Pounce Swipe (cast 1 while latching) so he can *hehe* (make some not really useful mods viable) cough [Heavy Impact] But bringing the topic back to animations - the animations really shouldn't be tooo hard: as mentioned above, DE has more than enough quadrupedal models for them to be excusing themselves for the sake of animation. the skills won't be too difficult, I imagine if they were to implement Furion like above into the game the animations would be more or less a mashup of pre-existing skill animations (Impale would be something very similar to nidus 2, Latch would need almost no work because kavats already do that). His 4 will basically be an excalibur umbra roar that morphs him into a quadruped, basically if you were to imagine a nidus using umbra's roar while rapidly gaining 15 mutation stacks. DE you have an incredible amount of resources at your disposal, so please. Please for the love of god - Use them
  2. i think it should be that he activates the ability as a toggle,when toggled on it will drain his rage for health regen, and when he doesnt need the hp he can toggle it off. the toggle should be able to be interrupted (switched off) by a nullifier bubble Edit: this is for the third ability concept btw also, the part about the human form becoming more and more enrage with each kill, we could make his abilities get certain buffs once he reaches certain Rage thresholds, and put them into his kit in the form of augments (which i have yet to come up a few concepts for)
  3. quick bump so anyone who doesn't know can easily find it :) okay, animation problems aside (good luck trying to make a wall running beast) Honestly, I think that furion is fantastic. The concept of a quadrupedal warframe is brilliant, and i would love to see how players respond and utilise his kit. There are, however, a few issues i do have with his playstyle and how he would work in game, especially with the effects of the augments. Looking at a few of the augments, i can immediately see he is intended to be played as a tracker. Go in, mark someone for death, be deadly and mobile enough to chase them down no matter where they go, and then flank with your weapons from behind to take out the big group of enemies holding up the rest of your party. Pretty simple, right? another look at the base stats convinced me otherwise. Hold on - 800 hp and 750 armour? this guy would be nuts as a mobile tank. Which is great, since there really shouldnt be any cookiecutter ways to build a warframe, but also kinda not great, because that would break the initial concept of having bad tools against hordes of enemies - he doesnt need to be doing much damage since he has all the time (and sustain) in the world to kill a bunch of baddies. Even with his base stats he can facetank almost anything no problem. So i came up with an idea - what if we made him an assassin who switches between killer and invincible juggernaut? we could make his starting kit based off tracking and picking off targets, and rewarding each kill with a small amount of "Rage". Rage will determine whether or not Furion can transform, and the effectiveness of his beast form. My revised version of his kit is as follows: Passive: Furion recieves Rage for each successful takedown, and uses rage to evolve his form. 1: Impale / Swipe - When in human form, Furion throws an infested stake that impales the first enemy it hits. Impaled enemies are slowed and bled, leaving a blood trail (gears / circuitry for robotic enemies) which grants Furion and his allies increased movement speed while they are following the trail. In beast form, Furion viciously lashes at his target, healing himself as well as reducing the target's defenses temporarily. 2: Conceal / Latch - When in human form, Furion hides his presence, becoming invisible to anyone outside of a certain radius, while gaining a small damage boost against enemies within this radius. When in beast form, Furion latches himself onto a nearby wall, cieling, (or any other terrain in general) allowing him to move freely across that terrain while reducing the vision radius of nearby enemies. While Furion is latched onto a terrain, he can cast Swipe to instead pounce at his target, applying the same effects. 3. Rush / Recover - In human form, Furion passively gets increased movement speed and parkour velocity the more injured he becomes. In beast form, he passively gets more armour the more injured he becomes. In both forms, he can cast Rush / Recover to consume all of his Rage, granting him massively increased health regeneration for a short period of time based off how much Rage was consumed. 4. Evolve - Furion passively gains increased critical and status chance the more Rage he has. In human form, Furion transforms into his inner beast, granting him increased resistances and health based off the amount of Rage he has when casting in exchange for some of his movement speed and access to weapons, as well as unlocking access to new skills. In beast form, Furion returns to his human state, gaining increased movement speed while shedding some of his resistances. Refunds Rage based off the amount of resistances lost when transforming. Basically, i kept the original concept's elements of being an assassin, as well as giving the ability of turning into a tank when his team needs him the most. He will be either one or the other, never both at the same time. His human form is all about getting close and dispatching of key units, using stealth and agility. On the other hand, his beast form is all about being the unkillable terror that strikes fear into even the strongest enemies. the new kit will still be mostly playing around picking off key targets, while balancing out his flat tankiness by making it scale off his Rage. He won't have the free health regeneration now, but i think it is suitable for his health regen to have drawbacks (consuming all of his rage) because it means players will have to be more careful when considering how to play him. With impale, he becomes more useful to his team by providing some form of utility. Let me know what you guys think ^-^ (does my revised kit make sense?) and also i would be forever grateful to the hero who adds this to the game.
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