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  1. I wish that instead of saying some lame S#&$ like "my warframe is strong." They would say, "my ignore list is stronk." then I would uncheck the box that mutes all that stuff. can always dream though.
  2. as far as I understand it they gave Contagion a different cc value than the zaws it is attached to and they nerfed overall damage of it as well. I dont mind losing plat on rivens, I buy em to use em and not sell em but this shadow nerf hurt. I mean if doing ~1/5th the damage isnt enough of a nerf that you have to decouple the cc stats then maybe reevaluate the whole mechanic, eh? Kind of a dumb move giving contagion and zaws different cc values, I bet during scarlet spear +cc rivens sold very high. Time for a break, methinks.
  3. trading with lower mr players who are usually buying ranked mods, endo, etc > quickly check profile for most used equipment > know I have ribben for something in their most used > quickly check mr lock of said ribben > ask if they still use 'x'. If they say yes, they get a free riven, if they say no, id give em a discount on what they're currently buying from me or give for free. Given away some cheek clappers doing this but it always makes me smile. After all, I dont own em, DE does, why not share the wealth?
  4. 1. Dont go past 3 hours. 2. If your smeeta goes ham with affinity buffs and you get a couple x16s, or god forbid, x32's then just accept your fate you lucky sob. 3. IF you get trade banned write support a calm, coherent and understanding support ticket and you will find that they're pretty awesome about responding. Admittedly, I haven't done any edgelord path farming yet but my experience is from getting 3 out of 4 tradebans lifted within 3 days of filing my support ticket. And the one I didnt get lifted happened when covid first hit and they transitioned to work at hom
  5. well, obviously the "git gud'ers" beat me here but, yeah, git gud. Kidding. While they have improved the rng of selecting which weapon you get, the system is far from where it should be. I have a decent riven for tonkor and still cant make myself slog through my tonkor lich rn. Unfortunately, they have stated they didnt want to add an opt-out because it undermines the "spirit" of the system and instead wanted to work on improving the experience or something like that. Well, +1 for weekly opt-out at palladino here, count me in.
  6. I was hoping it'd be semi-safe because it encourages active gameplay and all that but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . Just completed my collection of dual crit zaw ribbens too. bad timing. edit: Hopefully they fix the arsenal cc stats being wrong.
  7. yeah was super disappointed with the whole situation honestly. It is something that encourages active gameplay and that stuff has seemed in a safe spot generally. The Slendermans of the Plains' hunters have had a rough go of it this year ha.
  8. thank you. this is why I check comments before embarking on tl;dr nightmares.
  9. Personally, I think there are a lot more people wanting a new storyline quest than they anticipated but who knows, I'm here for the memes.
  10. Almost palpable animosity towards the kind of player that is gonna rush and grind this stuff out. I play with all boostahs going anyway bc otherwise it just feels like a slog but yeah, bad look guys. Just the statistics on getting a specific roll for a specific weapon... like... rain kuva on us nerds that Gr0Ll supply still going to be low 100. Perhaps this is just a minor coding oversight and hotfix incoming boiz. Also, please dont cuss or yell at an entire company because a handful of people made a douchey move. This thread devolving into 5th grade bs is
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