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  1. I can report people for calling me a moron? shew... my kdrive launcher bugged out and disappeared from my inventory... like a month ago... anyway as far as etiquette goes if I play with a lower MR player and we get through a few missions I'll usually try and throw them mods or gift some slots or something and tell em to pay it forward. most of the time I'm broke though, so mods it is 😜
  2. why not speculate? DE has the numbers to look at to see WHERE new players end up quitting but as for the reasons for mass exodus? well, I imagine even Do no Evil has to speculate at some point... if a new player is interested and "feeling it" I think the wall every new player hits is the plat grind. yeah, you can say it's not 100% neccessary but you best believe I rushed some frames and weapons starting out. besides the MR2/MR3 peeps that just 'cant even' and quit before they get started, I'd say next big drop off is MR7-MR9, by then you best be familiar with orokin ciphers and farming corrupted mods. if you don't have a buddy to kinda guide you then you end up cracking relics and trying to sell paris Prime =/
  3. has anyone noticed jupiter spy secret labs' having bugged doors? also... gotten 1 copy of each of the rare mods through farming ( anti-grav array, kavat's grace, odomedic, and whateverthefourthoneis ), but I got them a long minute ago. has anyone gotten these mods to drop recently (since gauss) ?
  4. is it wrong to think the Orwellian cleansing of the thread by D12(the band, it's a joke, I'm funny) was sexy? I'm embarrassed limbo is my most played frame but that ivara chassis farm was no joke and he is super useful to idiot proof rescue, mob def/def, and (some) spy sorties. positive spin on ivara farm though - got dem lua spy runs down boizzz! (and I actually like them now.) HOWEVER, running pub(besides syndicate/some cache hunting missions) with anything over ~55 range(I like 46 personally) is just... well, it's hard to describe the feeling you get on a defense mission when a limbro casts his 4 and it... just... damn... doesnt end. The other 3 people are audibly sighing as they strap in for another 4 waves of 'the enemy looks like he's in the bubble, but it shrunk, gotta get outside bubble to hit him... dang... now his buddies inside the bubble.' Limbro also great for riven unlock challenge "complete defense lvl 30+ w/ no damage to target thingy" - I do use +range for that and set to inv only =P Also I gotta give frost the edge for defensive frame over limbro solely because of arbitration drones - and they're linked buddies - treating the rift like Denny's on a Tuesday night. Limbo is great at what he is good at and I approve. khora for the win though. =P (also if you're in a group with another defensive frame, it never hurts to ask if they want cataclysm)
  5. just add me in-game, name is same as here. i can rush you through NW stuff. if not online at same time as you, or you're concerned about missing each other, message me through forums with your availability. I will try and make it work.
  6. I need soulja boy - crank that on the shawzin. endgame++
  7. hey guys first post on forums. dont have revenant yet. didn't care to try and get him honestly. but after reading all this fkn trash and opinionated mind-vomit that comes out of others' phalanges - literally signing into WF right now to do his stupid quest. cant wait.
  8. in the nick of time, no doubt. =D my endgame warframe is leveling octavia in SO, AGAIN, bc I've forma'd her wrong (/nub) - while Coolio's - gangster's paradise plays to pump up the Carry Squad Approved group I'll be rolling and trolling with baby! I'll be /ded if you can make this happen! Coolio - Gangster's Paradise link: (if coolio's song can't work for some reason my second endgame dream with Octavia involves Nas - Get Down , an old James Brown cover.) Nas - Get Down link: you are a God among men. edit: Almost forgot, THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE COMMUNITY! srsly, hmu in game, I'll give you a riven or something =D
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