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  1. thank yall for continuing to improve the event during the current circumstances. please also note that a lot of the hate and negativity on here may be due to people's fear and uncertainty regarding their own lives. and, just to cheer everyone up: here is soulja boy - crank that you welcome.
  2. yeah, I'd say you need to grind through it if you want a new one. personally, I would like to see an option to 'consign' liches (even if you HAD to convert them first) so that people with performance issues dont have to deal with the subsequent stuttering issues when a lich happens to spawn into their normal missions. but, eh. more important stuff going on in the world and I think a lot of people are taking out their fear and uncertainty the only way they know how... getting dramatically angry over the internet being a favored pastime.
  3. much easier to troll with kuva obrama than with limbo atm, at least for me but I cant speak for all my fellow potato prime computer users. bonus troll points no other weapon equipped on wukong except brama
  4. Everyone keeps saying "JuSt UsE PrImEd SuR3 F00t3D DuMaS!!!1" Yeah, awesome. Trade me yours then plx? Ty ty! A mod locked behind login days should NOT be everyone's answer to this problem.
  5. will not be engaging with this content until its adjusted. real life takes priority. my time is more important to me right now. Devs, up to you to figure out the sweet-spot of time invested vs rewards earned ... but this ain't it.
  6. @(PS4)LLnova77 hey, sorry, just checked this. I was definitely serious though, I did not know that dispo nerfs were delayed for console compared to PC. It seems like they are helping to create the ruben mufia on console which was kinda shocking to me. I understand paying for same-day certifications for everything, plus paying for immediate certifications to push through hot fixes for all those bugs that usually happen PC side may not be feasible. I agree that they should shamelessly plug their website for the month prior to dispo nerfs on all consoles, makes sense and hopefully wouldn't be too hard.
  7. Bolded for emphasis. How long have they been doing the staggered releases?
  8. warframe difficulty is a gear check. haz gear? passed. no has gear? failed. once you farm up 2 r3 energize, go back to your arsenal and tank efficiency on 90% of your builds. congrats, you won the game.
  9. over this weapon and dont even have it yet. a story of the kuva obrama and arbitrations. playerdougman dies. playerdougman: sorry guys I'll be more careful -5minutes later- playerdougman dies. *1 player is waiting in extraction. Hurry bro* It does look fun and I look forward to getting it in the future when it and my computer get along better 😄
  10. I run him a lot in sorties for insurance incase no one brings a viable frame for the mission type, mob def/rescue are ones that pop out at me. Maxed Narrowminded and you will feel like The Most Interesting Man In The World leaving that sortie group. it honestly is this rare to run into a good limbo nowadays, or for the things I'm interested in at least.
  11. yeah literally admitting that you know you are wasting people's time in a mission and dont care because you think you're the only special limbro on the block? well... sounds like a typical limbro trolling tbh more than any other frame, it is almost like he attracts the teenage-angst ridden "I'm uncomfortable in a certain situation or way and am now transformed into my spirit animal - a max range/max duration limbro" stereotypes because they know that there is still room on my ignore list. wanna make sure everyone just can't wait to leave as soon as extraction pops up? Use a super bright energy that no one can see through. If you're in a pub and not actively learning him or figuring him out and aren't running maxed narrow minded, why? And yes, farmed 2 ivara set with limbro on lua and other spy missions. Khora just beat him out of my most played. And... Khora can do everything you can do better *que that one Michael Jordan commercial* ahhh except troll as hard but khora's 4 can be really annoying on defense missions when it isn't needed(literally ever.) I play to blow off steam and easily hit those reward/pleasure centers in muh brain while enjoying the comfortable input patterns I have become accustom to and sometimes .... well... you never notice a good limbo, a bad limbo always leaves 5 minutes too dang late and a troll limbo should probably go read a book. and to the new guy worried about playing limbo? literally dont be. IF you are worried about it, all you have to do is type "sorry guys, new limbo here. any help or tips are appreciated." brother I would put you on the democratic ticket as the nominee. trust me though, if anyone has experience playing him, they will share. This goes for 99% of information in this game... and that MR28 dude just pwning stuff in the corner would be tickled to share his melee build, you flatter us! If you have questions, ask. if you learning limbo made my defense take 12min for 5 waves? let's see if we can do next 5 waves in 10min babby! There is a BIG DIFFERENCE in what you're asking and what OP is talking about!
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