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  1. Quick and easy melee revert, just the way we like it. Thanks for following up on this so quickly :)
  2. It's funny to see another nerf that just completely decimates the use of some sentinels. At least Sentinels like the Carrier and the Helios still have some use, but this literally just pushes players to use the infested companions more. Or in case that the hounds are actually decent enough: The hounds. Such an odd-ball move to fix something that has been in the game forever and benefits the player. I'd say there are far more interesting and needed issues to be fixed, however this nerf seems more like a convenience thing than actually wanting to change something. In the eyes of some1 who plays higher level content: It doesn't affect me at all because sentinels die withing a few seconds anyway, so no need to equip one. It's a bit of a harsh nerf for mid-game players who rely on their sentinels and gladiator mods to crit hard, dividing the weapon choice between low and high crit even more. Idefk what to say anymore lol.
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