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  1. Thank you for fixing Archwing extraction and enemy movement speed!!! That said, the Artax sentinel weapon still isn't working right. It does not slow. It shows a cold proc, shows the cold proc effect, but the enemies aren't slowed at all. It's been like this since a few hotfixes BEFORE the Remaster. Quality of Life issue for newer players and older ones who enjoy the utility. ❤️
  2. ARCHWING Grineer Exterminate and ARCHWING Grineer mobile defense both wont' allow extraction. All the other missions, and corpus variants, seem fine. Something about the grineer open maps that generate an extract zone isn't working. Not a problem for farming mods but definitely a problem for completing nodes.
  3. This patch fixed archwing enemy move-speeds but broke grineer maps. Consistently cannot extract from grineer maps
  4. I hope you guys address the issue with Exalted weapons causing full weapon lock-outs. Also I hope you address archwing grineer being SUPER slow and archwing corpus being SUPER fast Also, the Artax sentinel weapon is procing cold with NO slow. So many bugs.
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