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  1. Try the old unplug every cable, reconnect and restart. Lost count the amount of times that "fixed" a network problem for me. Or try getting in touch with your net provider and ask for a checkup on the network, or try changing the cables (those things tend to break for no apparent reason). Good luck
  2. Send a ticket, might be something they can help you with. Just curious, anything happened when this started occurring? Like a new modem, blackouts, tripping over a cable... 😛
  3. They only mentioned that "enemies awareness was tweaked" but yes.
  4. The juggies drop the parts and blueprints for that. Any infested mission (higher the level, the sooner he appears) should do it, or if you have a decent modded pew pew try the disruption mode on uranus (one round can net you 1-3 juggies with some luck) Cheers
  5. Probably due to the "buff" to enemies awareness that came with the update... Did you notice the stealth multiplyer?
  6. I wouldn't remove any... But I would remove half of the range on "certain" frames abilities... Let's just say CC would become viable if that were to happen. :3
  7. If that were so simple... People are individuals, there will always be divergent ideals popping up... A community cannot be blamed, only select individuals. Usually if "every one" in a community is actually to blame, either their leader fudged up or some one is messing with the strings in the background. Such fun...
  8. Yea... Trinity would "conquer" the world by becoming "the savior"... Until several human factions start fighting for her. Nekros would just raise every dead thing and ravage the lands until humanity drops a nuke on him killing even more peepz in the process. Nehza would disrupt politics in a fabulous way leading to a global anarchy of epic proportions... Most people's brains would just pop trying to figure out what is going on. Banshee would lead to a world of silence forcing a change in the way people communicate. Ember would literally set the world on fire... Not that pleasant. Might add more later... Need to get some work done.
  9. Just leaving my two cents. Gauss is more of a mobile wepown platform than anything else, some people will like that playstile for the freedom it gives, outers will loathe it for the same reason. People tend to compare it to Volt, but I feel he's more like Mirage, a wepown enhancement unit, but instead of giving raw firepower and fire redirection (Mirage), he increases the amount of procs you can trow, enough CC, absurd mobility (best defence is not getting hit) and a substancial buff to any pew-pew or blade you happen to have on hand. On a side note, to me, his "shield" is only really useful for the sinergy with his Mach-rush (causing bleed procs), if you are moving you won't get hit anyway. Yes, you can make him face-tanky-Ish... In the same way you can turn a rhino into a nuker. Possible, but not that great if you are going to compare him to outer frames. Cheers, n' keep dashing :3
  10. I do find it useful on most frames, but I tend to gravitate to the madurai tree for the space cadet, meaning no zenurik dash (ie:free energy). My recommendation would be to use it on any build that requires a decent amount of energy or has channeled abilities. The only frames that come to mind that won't realy need it are Inaros, Hildryn, Nidus and Garuda, every outer benefits from one energise at least. Unless you run zenurik all the time... Cheers
  11. All the Jojo poses... Yesh pwease :3
  12. A pudding warframe? Saturating the area with pudding could get sticky... fast. A bacon warframe? All enemies get lured by your delicious scent. A slime warframe? Extreme regeneration. A junkyard prototype? Rockets and miniguns galore. A... something something something... Tired, sleep now. OwO
  13. You can, run to the nearest hardware store, get them tools and start messing with a room... Hard work tends to pay off at the end 😛 Entertaining video tough. Cheers
  14. Go pre-made, that's the only reason we have a recruit chat. Use it.
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