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  1. Something that has been happening as of lately at random(?) times. The effects appear to be limited to a slightly slower movement overall and inability to do simple jumps (the frames or operator will literally jump as high as their knees) and second jump bringing all momentum to a stop and start falling vertically. Ctrl+jumping seems to work with a slight debuff (maybe due to the decreased speed?). so... Happens when? and can it be "fixed"? - Standard missions (exterminate, defense, capture...), only death solves it. - ESO/SO, only death solves it, moving instances won't. - Open world, death OR jumping into archwing and out CAN solve it or take the bug to archwing and make it so you can't gain altitude by "jumping"(holding space). - Railjack is still missing from my tests. The only times I was able to "make" it happen were in open world by jumping in and out of archwing repeatedly, equipments have little to no influence from what I've experienced (using fast/slow melees or leaving equipment slots empty). Noticed it happening mostly solo but confirmed that can happen in co-op. Also... my keyboard is fine... had to test it to get this done 😉 Saved some logs from a couple of times it happened in case they come in handy. Cheers
  2. O link do perfil do steam? http://steamcommunity.com/id/Ahniframe/ Será isso? o.O
  3. IGN: Ahniar Discord: Ahniar#2202 Tuga... Dizem que sim.
  4. Boas, há espaço para mais um maluco? :3 Cheers
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