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  1. Mag was my starter and still my 3rd most used frame, your buff sugestion and quality of life changes are good and would help a little but the problem that I see is other: 1. Excalibur is the poster boy not only because of the marketing but in the game as well: "perfect for new players" is in his descripition(at least in Portuguese-BR). 2. There is no point on pick Mag if her is so easy to farm, even Excalibur is a bad option because you can pick a much stronger version for free(Umbra), Volt is the logic option between the three. DE need to change that, I don't know how but there is no real freedom of choice and that sucks.
  2. It's a hybrid of tank and healer and just enough range to use his CC when needed. But the point was just to show him the combo "Quick Thinking + Rage + Flow".
  3. Oberon doesn't need more health. His healing together with Quick Thinking and Rage make him almost unkillable. I also used to build him with Umbra mods to make his health higher but it's really not necessary.
  4. You where lucky. I was playng with another 3 Wips. I wish I was recording to show the amount of times that pixels died and colors turned black. Still, is something that only will ocurre in especifc squad formation just like Mirage.
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