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  1. automatically? you mean that when there health reaches zero that they will go into stases? and if so im a bit more ok with it then, granted its pretty annoying and rather counter intuitive, id rather pay to get my kubrow revived if he dies in a mission rather than have it loose health over time, just makes more sense to me, if your kubrow dies then have it re-spawn over a period of time on your ship, in other words a sort of cool down if your kubrow bleeds out in a mission and with the incubator upgrade then it would cost less credits to rush the kubrow back to life. so no more 5% heath lost per day if I forget to put my kubrow in stases or if I spend too much time in a mission (i get on about around 7:00pm to 8:00pm and right around 7:56 or so the daily reward shows up and my pet looses health, i guess id like a change, it would make bleed out link and such useful as instead of having suddenly back with full heath (regardless of what damage it might have tooken) will stay at full health until the next day, instead it will be about being able to revive your pet before the timer runs out, otherwise you'll pay a credit fin to rush them back to life, it serves the same perpouse, but instead of punishing the player every day with a progressively getting weakening companion, will reward the player if they can keep there pet alive, so that beginners that don't have access to the upgrade or cant afford the upgrade, and if the pet dies, will i guess they have to wait for the pet to recover in the ship until they are fully recover the next day or are rushed with credits. Still, the loyalty thing still shoulden't be a thing, considering you have kavates, moas and sentntals that have no damage decay after things, and not only that but if, lets say your pet looses about 80% loyalty some how, now your pets only dealing (i think about 120-20% damage now...) and your only able to recover about 15% loyalty per interaction and you can only interact for about 3 times... thats only 45% recovered, you still have 35% left to go, and you cant do a single thing to fix it, you just have to wait out for the next day to come to recover loyalty. and the fact that their navigation it still pretty buggy, they sill get stuck in tight spaces, though its not bad as it use to be.
  2. well how would that work for Kubrows or kavats? id like them to keep there 10 slots but id be ok with sentinels only having 8. though regenration on them would be nice as well.
  3. Kubrows are one of my most loved companions, but there cost are starting to get me a bit annoyed, considering the cost and requirements to have one preforming at its best are rather steep, want your kubrow back to full health? best pay up around 100,000 credits, or buy/craft the incubator upgrade to lower the cost. forgot to put your level 30 kubrow in staces before going on vacation? best hope you can come home soon enough before it dies do to health decay... mean while sentinals have no draw backs, there are some that provide almost limitless amounts of ammo or give you health and shield recovery when you need it, and moa's not having the ability to hack open doors and turn off alarms, both Moa's and Sentinals do have draw backs, but non that directly affect the player all that much, im not asking for there to be repair cost, bu rather to REMOVE the health and loyalty decay from kubrows and kavats, it is a rather useless feature when it makes them pretty much irelevent when you can use a Sentinel or Moa that can give you (if modded right) similar results in or our of battle. My suggestions are: 1) Remove the health and loyalty decay, its not needed and is just a unwanted money sink when there are traid taxes and crafting recipes that require money in order to craft anyways. (im looking at you incubator power cores and your 100,000 credit crafting recipe...) 2) This ones a bit more optional, but make it so that kubrows or kavats can deal with flying enemy's or improve there path finding to ground enemy's currently with the health and loyalty/damage decay a decent balance so that kubrows or kavats become too powerful is to make it so they cant really deal with flying enemy's. 3) Please improve Kubrow and Kavat navigation and "unstuck" areas, so that kubros or kavats don't get stuck on parts of a map, this has become a problem even with enemy's, as they will get stuck in areas on defense missions and slow down the battle. i will say this is a moderately rare occurrence, but it happens enough for me to mention it. I thank you for making it this far, and i hope that this game can continue to grow in to something more. (please keep in the petting animations for the Kubrow and Kavats if you do remove the loyalty/damage decay bar, its still a nice touch)🙂 (EDIT:) just a possible "counter idea" so that kubrows dont become overpowered or something, have it so that if the kubrow dies in a mission (after bleeding out), then have it so the player waits on a timer for there pet be become interactive again, so the pet cant be used if it has died in a mission. The timer can be skipped with credits and if the upgrade segment it equipped then the price to skip drops to 5,000 credits, just like the price for stabilizers when you have the segment equipped, that way players that are just unlocking the kubrows can have a way to sill keep there fluffy companions without having to craft/buy a upgrade segment (though not having an upgrade segment means the cost to revive your pet will be a steep 50,000 to 75,000 credits!) cause if you just got the kubrows and now are having there health decay, its a steep cost just to keep there health up just because you have them out in stases, you shouldent be punished for using your favorite pet, it should punish you if you fail to keep your pet alive, or you can view it as your rewarded if you keep your pet alive.
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