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  1. It was after an update that I noticed tho.
  2. No, it's actually paler, not darker. What was maroon is now hot pink. Found an option that improved it, but don't know how it changed in the first place. Don't think it's back to how it was, but definitely better.
  3. I've never seen that option before. Looked many times for an option that will change flight back to the smooth aerodynamic curves it used to follow, no luck. Just jerky straight up & down, sharp angles, etc. If you started playing this year or last, you may not have seen the old way.
  4. I paid money for them. 70p each pallette & now I can never use those colours again. NOT HAPPY!
  5. What the hell happened to our colours? Suddenly all my palettes are pale, washed out pastels. I hate pastel colours. If this is just an attempt to get us to buy more it's not going to work. It's bad enough that we have to pay for colours in the first place, when we could just use the RGB system & have access to over 65 000 colours. To ruin the things we've already paid for sounds very much like theft, or at the very least like a rip off. Maybe I'll just make everything black. Or grey.
  6. Awesome, I'm just stoked something's gonna happen. Thought they'd never fix that one.
  7. Please, please, please, allow us to choose anolog or digital movements when controlling Archwings. They used to be one of my favourite things in the game, now it's just MASSIVELY ANNOYING. (Still my favourite game). When the movement changed (just for those people who couldn't get the hang of it) it ruined it for those of us who CAN play. Not to be insulting, it's just more natural for some people. Just make it optional. There are already a good number of control options in the menu, is it possible to add this?
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