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  1. Those things are not endgame in the way people play them. Arbitrations could be endgame if players chose to stay that long, but I must admit that the drone is very annoying. ESO doesn’t really have that privilege because the drain rate exceeds possibility to complete. Sorties are just flat out casual content. The “hardest” part of the Sortie is only level 80-100, which you may as well be fighting level 40s because there’s hardly a difference. The random conditions aren’t difficult either. Sometimes it’s stuff like “Shotgun only.” When that happens, you’re like “Okay, I was going to use the Tigris Prime anyway.” You seem extremely agitated, which is why I have waited a few days for the coolant raknoids to stop you from overheating. Endgame content is not my own personal fantasy, it’s already something that many games have. Warframe has a very poor version of endgame, but it’s there. And as for “DE’s design philosophy” revolving around “bitesize” content, perhaps it is you who is high on radiation procs. I’ve already said that DE is a game company that listens to its players, and that it is open to change that we as players voice. I hate to do this, but I may just have to question whether or not you are even to the point of being an endgame player. If so, you should understand how easy the game is and want a challenge. If not, then you must still be exploring the new player content of the game. I’ve also been pondering your claim that nothing is based around endgame content, and that is wrong. Nidus is literally the living proof of Warframe catering something to endgame content. Arbitrations were intended as endgame content, but that hasn’t kicked off quite yet since the rewards are very limited and the levels begin at 60-80 instead of 80-100 like planned. Mot is also an interesting example, did you know that it scales faster than other survival nodes? Man, I’m even overlooking a huge example: Status mods. Why would we need to strip enemy armor or activate Condition Overload when you can already kill casual content with critical-only? Simple, because there is more difficult content that requires it. You may not remember, but status wasn’t always this powerful a long time ago. Casual players use it now, but they don’t even need it. Criticals are a faster way of killing casual content than status because status usually requires you to use synergies of some kind. However, status is way faster than criticals to kill high-level content. And let’s not forget Nightwave. Some of the challenges have been forcing casual players to try endgame content like Kuva Survivals so that maybe they start to enjoy it. If you are having trouble with endgame content and as such have been hating it ever since, we are here for you. Just take a deep breath, swap out your Atlas for a Banshee, and you can make it past the 20-minute milestone. If you want to argue that playing 20 minutes to C-cycle and then re-entering the mission is the most efficient way to play, then you would also be wrong. It takes more time to do two 20-minute survivals than doing one 40-minute survival. The reason for that is because of load screens. Although that is a very minute difference, it still disproves the theory that restarting the mission is better. You might argue that going to 40 is too hard, but you don’t even need a Warframe to go that far. You could walk in with a Titania and just spend 40 minutes shooting your Arca Plasmor at hoards of enemies. It’s easy, and the only reason players should have to leave is if they have to log off or something of that nature. For a lot of players, they definitely have the time for endurance, or at least going past 20 minutes, so the reason they don’t is nonexistent. If anyone is imposing their own beliefs on how the game should be, then it’s you. You just said that casual content is “actual content” and endgame content isn’t real. That’s a very misinformed claim. But you know what? I don’t care if you put your beliefs into the game. That is what you should do to make it better. However, you need to be sure that your beliefs are based on a valid foundation. You don’t want to claim something is nonexistent when it is. That is literally the equivalent of saying global warming is a myth. I’m not going to get into politics, but you get the idea. Finally, I must question why you keep telling me about my “walls of text.” If you think that they are boring, then don’t read them and walk away. This isn’t a competition, I obviously can’t get through to you. If you truly believe that my walls of text are boring, then why would you read and respond to them? This isn’t an assignment, no one is forcing you to care about my posts. The reason you reply is because you do care. And from what I’ve gotten in our conversations, you seem like the type of person who always has to have the last word. No matter what I post, you will not stop replying until you get the last post. Well, you do you, but I will not stop either. Perhaps an endless conversation of my “boring walls of text” will open your eyes to the fact that the survival timer goes past 20:00 and that Wukong among many other Warframes can’t make it into endgame. I want endgame, players who have beaten the game want endgame, and new players that eventually beat the game will want the same thing. It’s only a matter of time before newer and casual players begin to want endgame, but by then there will be a new flock of new players that are opposed to it. It’s an endless cycle of new and casual player majorities supressing the older and more experienced players from being heard. That can all change, it’s just a matter of the casual community maturing early to realize that endgame needs to happen.
  2. We don’t have those things. Warframes are definitely overpowered, but that’s only because of the easy content. Each Warframe has their own uses, and none are the best at all three of those categories you listed. Some Warframes have “infinite CC,” which you may as well just call CC, but in return they do not have “constantly scaling damage.” Some Warframes have both CC and scaling damage, but in return may not be “immortal” enough to survive on their own. This tit-for-tat system is good because it allows for synergy between teammates, your own specters, and more. The Warframes and weapons are definitely not overpowered when compared to endurance. Only a handful of Warframes can actually make it that far, among only a moderate quantity of weapons. The reason that so few Warframes can make it this far is because so few Warframes have CC, Scaling damage, and survivability. Nidus has all three of those, but he is not the best in each category. For instance, many Warframes have better CC than Nidus. Wukong has better survivability than Nidus, except for that his scaling damage is lacking, and others surpass individual traits of Nidus. That’s what makes him balanced, while also one of the best at specific mission types. What I want is for Wukong to be this way by allowing him to have something he can contribute to the team and actually be used in endurance runs. The content in Warframe regarding difficulty is lacking, but it exists when you look for it. And even if new, better endgame content never comes to Warframe, we still have our current endgame content. For that particular content, Wukong fails at prevailing. He can of course go through typical content, as can literally any Warframe, but there needs to be more. Rhino can destroy typical content, better than Wukong anyway, so players may as well just pick the best weapon for the job. When it comes to typical content, you can do whatever you want. You can level up your weapons on the Sortie, it doesn’t matter. But with endgame content Wukong is not one of the select few Warframes that can make it, which is what this post aims to change. No, the player should not receive a massive nerf. Rather, the enemy should be buffed so significantly that Warframe synergy, weapon synergy, team composition, and other such things should be necessary for completing all the challenges. The game should definitely be more difficult, or at the very least a certain portion of it. However, this cannot be gone about incorrectly. Nerfing the player is not the answer. If players wanted to nerf themselves to make the content harder, then they could already do that. You can remove all of your mods, intentionally use terrible weapons, intentionally use Warframes not meant for specific challenges, and even equip dragon keys. But no, that should not be forced onto everyone with a global player nerf. Instead, buffing enemies would allow for people to improve their skill by thinking through strategies that allow for the completion of challenges. And even this cannot be gone about wrong. Simply increasing the values of armor, health, etc. is not a solution. Enemies should require tactics to defeat, and have more adept AI. Why would anybody want DE to nerf the player instead of buffing the enemies when you can already nerf yourself? At least buffing the enemies could be placed into harder regions of the star chart whereas a global nerf affects even new players harshly. Nerfs are a way of backpeddling away from progress. Instead of erasing something you already have (powerful players), create something new to counter it (harder enemy AI, etc.).
  3. Absolutely not, you are thinking backwards. Everyone is already used to overpowered Warframes and how they work, nerfing them would cause an outrage. However, the solution to this would be by buffing all of the enemies or at least specific areas of enemies that are intended as challenging areas. Some examples of this would be enemy AI, they are really stupid. The enemies walk in straight lines through narrow hallways and get blasted to just keep coming the same way. Another fix would be to add miniature boss fights into endless gamemodes that occur somewhat randomely. Whenever those bosses appear, however, things like life support should have reduced drain until you kill them. Now you might be thinking that a player could abuse that by ignoring the boss for reduced life support drain, but there are solutions. The easy solution would be to add a timer to how long you have to kill the boss before the drain returns to normal. The better solution would be to make the boss take skill to fight, be difficult, and have rewards. Let’s take Corrupted Vor as our bad example. That boss dies before he even finishes his speech about the Janus key. All you have to do is blast him, he’s a bullet sponge with low defense since he only occurs at the beginning. There are games that do an excellent job with boss fights, and Warframe tends to just make invincibility stages to make it take longer. Anyways, all of that about endgame content changes isn’t really the point. The point is that you can’t nerf all of the Warframes. Buffing the enemies has the same effect, except causes less outrage. And if you really wanted to mitigate that outrage, the buffed enemies with actually difficult boss fights could be in some sort of endgame zone like a new planet.
  4. So should everyone just accept that DE can never change, never improve, and never balance to endgame players? As I’ve said, DE makes changes when the players really want them. DE also wants to keep their customers in the game, and veteran players have no reason to stay. People can make up distractions for endgame players like grinding trade chat for platinum or something, but that isn’t really a fighting challenge. If there was harder content, then weaker players would have something to look towards getting strong enough to do, and veterans would be entertained. I am not a veteran myself, but I have already gotten to the point where the game has no more challenge to offer. That should tell you that the game is too easy as is, and everybody wants better rewards right? Increase in challenge = Increase in rewards. Then, increase in rewards = increase in power, which lets you do even harder content in a cycle. It sounds like you have given up on DE giving endgame content, but that is the problem. Stick strong to your beliefs and keep pushing for the things you want, or else DE won’t know what you want.
  5. That wouldn’t really fit the idea of Wukong all too much, but more importantly we don’t need another sneaky frame. You can void dash through lasers without setting them off because it teleports you from the start point to the end point. Not to mention, you have Loki, Ivara, Limbo, and Nova. There are some scenarios where void dash doesn’t work, but you do have four Warframes for that. More variety is a good idea, though, don’t get me wrong. Another spy warframe would be cool, but Wukong isn’t really the one for that.
  6. You appear to be twisting my words. I said that there are always people who oppose a conflict, and as a result they must be convinced otherwise through logic and understanding. People who fail to understand the logic that I use are not necessarily illogical, but if the shoe fits. The more important part of that sentence was that they need to understand why the change is important. The change is important because it allows for Wukong’s staff, whether it scales now or not, to scale better, among other things like new synergy. I think that I should also clear up the conflict of my Iron Staff falling off an hour into Mot. What was meant by this was that it no longer became the best viable option. Yes, it could still kill enemies, but not as fast as the other things in my kit. Then when you hit about 2 hours to 2 hours 30 minutes it does about 1 damage. If I were to only use the Iron Staff, my life support would be regained slower than if I were to use a melee weapon the whole time. For a melee weapon that costs energy to have it equipped, it should probably be more viable than a regular melee weapon. And really we are only talking about 2 hours here, which is more like a basic relic run to players searching for a challenge. It takes about four and a half hours before I eventually need a Nekros or have to bring Ivara instead of Nidus. And at that point, Wukong wouldn’t even have made it that far. Maybe you believe that going four hours is a waste of time, but keep in mind that he is not viable for 2 hours either. Once you go 3 hours in Mot for your first time, it really opens your eyes. You figure out quickly that so many Warframes don’t work for getting there, you figure out that survival mods like health and shield don’t work getting there, and you figure out that armor stripping is mandatory. All of these things change people who actually attempt this feat, and I would strongly suggest anyone try it. What I suggest even more than that is to try it now, then implement this Wukong rework and try it. You will find a huge difference because this rework actually scales very well. Wukong would be up with Nidus, Octavia, Ivara, Ash, and the endurance Warframes with this rework. We need people to get behind it, voice ways for it to be better, not just complain that it’s too much work or something not constructive. Addendum: Can someone elaborate as to what an “Original Poster” is? My first thought was that it’s someone who posts original content. But I don’t understand why that would be a common saying, unless people normally repost other peoples’ content? I don’t know, so it would be great if someone cleared that up.
  7. If DE re-evaluated their design mindset to be more inclusive of high-difficulty content, then that would be great. I may even make posts about that. However, this is solely a post about how to completely rework Wukong so that his kit works in the endgame content we already have. All of the things in this rework suggestion still work in your typical content, maybe even better than the current kit, so why not? Also, as for my belief that DE should include endgame content despite their current belief of not doing so, it is justified. They are a business that works to create something they enjoy and find balance where the players also enjoy it. If players want change, then it usually happens with DE. They are malleable in how their game works, we just have to tell them what we want instead of fighting each other over how much work we should expect them to do. Wukong has great potential in this game, and I want to see it achieved. This rework caters to both, as you called “bitesize,” as well as endgame players. That is why it should be supported, it makes the most people satisfied. Obviously there will always be those opposed, but they just need to see logic and understand why this change is important; or any similar change for that matter. P.S: People have been calling me an “OP,” could someone please tell me what that means?
  8. You keep bringing up how endurance runs are irrelevant and high-level enemies aren’t allowed to be used as an argument. I think that your opinions of how people should play the game are cloud walking your judgement in what mechanical changes need to occur for the better of scaling. The fact of the matter is that Warframe’s “intended content” is too remedial. This can’t be fixed by nerfing mods, weapons, and Warframes of course. So the alternative would be to make enemies have a system of being more competent (AKA better Enemy AI) and making the synergies of Warframes the way to kill them efficiently. Since we do not have this advanced AI, we have to settle for the ridiculous level scaling system. Even it is not really a challenge, just time-consuming. We have to wait an hour or more before the enemies even have a chance at not getting annihilated too quickly. That could also be fixed, but again I will refer to what we have now: Scaling enemies. Ability synergies with weapons and each other are currently the way to get this far, and Wukong lacks it. You keep explaining how endurance content doesn’t count as a point, but who are you to say that? You can’t just disregard the entire part of the community that likes a challenge more than tennogen. Now you’re probably thinking “I didn’t disregard the community.” Well, you can say whatever you want, but that is exactly what you are doing by refusing to acknowledge endurance content as a valid point. You are forcing your beliefs that endurance content is pointless, but your beliefs don’t dictate how I and others of the endurance community actually want to play games. Now before you go and highlight tiny parts of my “wall of text,” consider this: Have you even tried doing an endurance run with Wukong? Let me guess, that’s irrelevant? Should people who want a challenge just submit to fashion frame and wipe the sortie floor with modless Somas? I don’t understand what stance you are actually taking.
  9. Providing facts? I just reread everything that you posted here, none of which contained facts. What you did post is a lot of claims. Your responses are quite brief, and you can’t expect to convince me of your claim without backing up how it’s true. I’m also noticing a lot of condescending tone in your messages, which is really unnecessary. Why would you feel the need to complain about my formatting? There’s a solution to getting through my messages called reading them. Additionally, I feel that you are contradicting yourself. Why would you advocate for a Wukong rework if you also believe that his weapon damage is “a bit crazy” and “better than other frames?” I don’t care how famous you are on the forums with your Wukong posts, you are still just a player like everyone else. And as a player, you should actually be playing against high-level enemies before you claim that a weapon can kill them. Stats can sometimes be theoretically true while false in reality, which is why I have tested Wukong in long survivals. My builds are not just “bad,” they are all thought out thoroughly. In fact, I would say that I am above average at building with mods. However, no mod composition can make Wukong’s iron staff into a status weapon. And being a status weapon is what is needed to progress into endurance runs. Let’s just pretend for a minute that Wukong’s staff can scale into long runs. What about regular melee weapons? Why wouldn’t someone just use a melee weapon when they scale farther and faster? If you need me to put the math in for that, I can, but you seemed to disregard the math I provided in an earlier message. Back to reality, Wukong’s Iron Staff is not a scaling weapon. Scaling refers to the damage keeping up with the increased defenses of enemies. This can only be achieved with status mods and Warframe buff/debuff abilities. Wukong’s damage on his Iron Staff doesn’t have some magical damage increase as enemies get harder. If you are referring to the melee combo counter, then keep in mind that other, better melee weapons have it as well. The combo counter is not making Wukong’s weapon deal more status, only more critical. Critical damage is great when it buffs your status damage, but alone it falls off. Without status, critical damage is just raw damage. Raw damage, as seen in the math that I worked out for you, falls off very fast. You need status, you need armor stripping, you need percent-based damage (like Viral procs), and you need kills per second to stay up. Why don’t you go ahead and try running Wukong on a 3-hour Mot run? Even if you managed to do it, which would be very impressive, you would still have to realize that you did that work for nothing. Nidus could have gone farther than that without lifting a finger. So could a few other Warframes. You don’t get to tell me I’m wrong because you think you have credibility, you have to prove it. By all means, I am completely open to being wrong; provided that you can prove it. I am only speaking the truth behind these mechanics, and with that we can understand how Wukong is not a scaling Warframe.
  10. I used to play Wukong a lot, until I finally found that he was simply weaker than other Warframes. The Iron Staff has many setbacks when compared to regular melee weapons. You can’t build the Iron Staff to be better than some of the actual melee weapons in the game because it doesn’t let you equip some of the more useful melee mods on it. The combo counter increases the stats significantly, but even that caps very quickly. The combo counter exists on other melee weapons, the Iron Staff isn’t getting a better combo counter like the Venka Prime. You are also missing the fact that the Iron Staff has terrible base status chance with no way of redeeming it. If you believe that there isn’t content that goes up to level 300 enemies, then you are missing details. Your typical level 80-100 enemies that you find in a Sortie can get one-shotted by a primary weapon before status ticks like slasg. That alone should tell you that they are too easy. You can kill them with just about anything, and that content doesn’t need you to defend its setups. The actual difficult gameplay in the game requires more effort than high critical damage. I can give you several examples where enemies become too difficult for your “normal content” setups. In Arbitration missions, it would take 40 minutes to get your C-cycle reward. If the arbitration was on Mot, then you would have a lot of fast-scaling enemies that outmatch your Iron Staff’s damage potential. Another example would be Mot relic farming. Unless you are one of the people who leaves after 20 minutes to get your four relics, then staying for a decent amount of time will prove difficult for the Iron Staff. I completely adore Wukong’s potential, and I would be thrilled to have him be a scaling Warframe. But he simply isn’t, his weapon is too faulty. Terrible status chance, no method of redeeming that status chance, no possibility of Rivens, Impact-based, and costs energy to use. Why would anyone choose the Iron Staff when they could choose something like the Atterax with status AND critical potential to kill more enemies faster and more efficiently? Whether you believe it or not, there are people out there who enjoy the less trivial parts of Warframe: Endurance Survival runs. You can’t disregard these people because you don’t believe what they do is content. It is in the game, and DE is slowly warming up to the idea of more endgame content. I, as a player of the endurance community, want more scaling Warframes. How would you like it if you could only pick a handful of the Warframes in the game because many don’t scale? You can’t just stick us with Nidus, Octavia, Ivara, and Ash. We need more variety, and we even go as far as trying to force non-scaling Warframes to work in endurance runs. I myself have tried that with Wukong. I went for around 2 hours 25 minutes on Mot, which is pretty short when compared to scaling Warframes, and it wasn’t even Wukong doing the work. I was using an overpowered Vectis build and my melee weapon to kill everything, which I could have done even better with a scaling Warframe. At the time I left the survival, the enemies began to survive my Vectis shots. The solution to this would be stripping armor with my secondary, but Wukong has no way of grouping the enemies together to do that fast enough. Soon enough I realized that this was his limit, and I left the survival. A bit more to that story is how I used the Iron Staff. I didn’t. I was trying to use it for testing purposes, but it fell off about 60 minutes in. I even tried using it again before I left and it made me chuckle with 1 damage on a red crit. Not my melee weapon though, that was still destroying everything. The difference is status, melee weapons need status to scale. The Iron Staff cannot make it, and that’s only solo survivals. What does Wukong do for a team setting? Absolutely nothing. He has no way to buff the team, debuff the enemies, or contribute whatsoever. No team composition would call for a Wukong. If you had no clue what you wanted to use for a fourth team member, you have so many better options. Your typical low-level content is already so easy that nothing you build matters. You can go through all of that easy content with any Warframe. But if you wanted an optimal Warframe for that easy content, then Wukong wouldn’t even cut that. Gara would probably be one of the top-tier choices at clearing your typical easy content. Wukong fits in to only one place: Conclave. He is very good in Conclave. But Warframes should not be designed to be terrible in PvE while good at PvP. That might work for someone who only plays Warframe for PvP, but that isn’t really the focus of the game. Wukong needs to be good at scaling and team composition, otherwise he is obsolete. You like Wukong? Great, then help to push forward a rework to make him better.
  11. I’m not here to start a flame war with peoples’ credibility on how often they use the Warframe, but I am here to explain facts. And that sir, is no fact. Wukong’s fourth ability is literally the equivalent of drawing out your melee weapon with several setbacks. You can’t quickly switch to your gun to fire a shot with melee 3.0, you can’t use mods like Maiming Strike and Body Count, and it is impact-based. The base damage is very high, but that is just raw damage. It is what you do with the melee weapon’s base damage that counts. The critical chance and damage is high, that’s great. But the status chance is terrible, many necessary melee mods are unable to be equipped, and your energy is drained to use it. You have the option of using a melee weapon with any Warframe, one that is stronger than the Iron Staff, allows for switching to primaries, and doesn’t cost energy. Why on Earth would anyone pick the Iron Staff over a superior melee weapon? Are you sure that you are thinking of the correct type of scaling damage? The damage doesn’t get higher as the enemy defenses do. The damage starts high, but doesn’t increase from there. Other melee weapons start lower, but go far beyond the Iron Staff. Status is the king of melee usage, and this exalted weapon cannot use status. Have you ever tried to kill a level 300 bombard with the Iron Staff? Let’s do some math here. Say your iron staff is built relatively good considering it has a very limited mod supply and has a base damage of 2000. Take that by 2.9x critical multiplier with the added bonus of having a critical chance increase. This would cause a 65% critical chance with a +100% chance bonus from the augment mod assuming it was at full power to create a 165% critical chance of 2.9x multiplier. This creates the formula (2+1)*(2.9-1) which means the weapon has a 65% chance to deal 5.7x damage. Of 2000 damage, that comes to 2000*5.7=11400 damage. Cool, now your weapon has a chance to deal 11400 damage. Let’s weigh that in combat, shall we? A corrupted bombard at level 100 has 41,772 health. 85% of your 11,400 damage (9690) is reduced by 25% to make 7267.5 rounded to 7268 damage. The remaining 15% puncture damage accounts for 1710 damage, which adds to 8978 (8977.5) damage. So in reality, you are dealing 8,978 damage to that health. Or so you thought. Now you still have the armor to account for a damage reduction of 96.32%. That amount of reduction comes to a total of 330.372 (rounded to 330) damage. He has 41,772 health, and you are dealing 330.372 damage per hit on a good day of perfect luck. That would take 127 hits in a row all of which needing to achieve that 60% chance of dealing full damage to kill that one enemy. That is not scaling. That is only a level 100 enemy, and it can’t even get killed in a reasonable time frame. If you account combo multipliers into the mix, then it would take less than 127 hits. However, it is still nowhere near as few as it needs to be. It is because of this that the Iron Staff is not a scaling weapon.
  12. Your rework idea sounds like a bunch of buffs to the existing abilities. My issue is that the existing abilities are flawed at the core. They must be changed to synergize and function, not just have their numbers increased. Cloud Walker could make you go double speed, and it would still be useless. The first and fourth ability are both just non-scaling damage. This works for low levels, but not when you get into real combat. There has to be a way to damage enemies that have so much defense that your damage is meaningless. As for Ancient Disruptors, they are not a concern. Just like nullifiers, you see one you target them. They die and you go back to annihilating swarms of enemies. Even if you magically lost all of your energy, keep in mind all of your possible escape routes. If your defy activated before running out of energy, you are invincible for over ten seconds unless you built against duration. If not, you still have others. Roll to safety, go into tenno mode and dash to safety, find an energy orb to activate your Arcane Energize, get out of the disruptor’s range to activate your Rage or Hunter’s Adrenaline. There are so many ways not to die, it’s all in the skill and how fast you react. Ancient Disruptors are also extremely weak, you can one-shot them with a slash proc.
  13. Why not just replace an entire kit? If DE can do two abilities, then why not four? I based these abilities on Wukong lore and a bit from the current system. Just fixing two of his abilities won’t fix the issue. He was made incorrectly, and now that must be amended. Think of Nidus, he has four abilities and a passive that all work together perfectly to create a perfect Warframe for endgame content. Wukong has one ability that sort of works with his passive to allow him to stay alive long enough to build a combo counter, but that isn’t enough. I believe Warframes are already too powerful, but it is too late to nerf them all. Instead, enemies need to be more difficult while the Warframes have the potential to defeat them by using their ability synergies. This rework creates synergy between the abilities and teammates, turning Wukong from a solo Warframe that is useless to the team into a great Warframe that helps the team. Changing the four abilities creating a new Warframe isn’t really such a bad idea either. Just think of it as Wukong being reborn into a different Warframe with the same name and lore. In lore, he is obviously way too powerful for Warframe, so he has to be simplified. This is not necessarily simple, but it isn’t overpowered because you can’t just use one ability to win. Defy works great for low-level content, which most people play. But so does everything else. Any Warframe can handle low-level content. Defy falls off, though. Being invincible without a way to scale with the enemies is like being Limbo in the rift doing nothing. We need more scaling Warframes, and I would love to think of ways for more Warframes to be good like this, but for now Wukong would be a good start. You have to remember that DE isn’t going to copy this idea if they used it. They would make changes, probably nerf it a bit, cut a few corners, but it would be better than it is now. Wukong is one of my favorite characters (in real life), and a beloved one by many. He has so much potential, and I hate to see it wasted on his current kit. I like Wukong and want to see him grow; this is my suggestion at doing so. Changing four abilities is necessary to achieve this synergy goal. Perhaps not even my suggested changes, but really any four abilities that synergize with each other to scale against enemies is good for Warframe. When wondering how to build a Warframe’s kit, we must turn to Nidus. He has it all, and other Warframes need that kind of synergy. DE doesn’t have to have had changed four abilities in the past for them to do it now, there is a first time to these kind of scenarios.
  14. Wukong is currently an underused Warframe, which proves that most of the community doesn’t use him. This rework is extensive and very different because his current state is terrible. He can’t make it into long endurance runs because all he can do is defy. His abilities can’t kill high level enemies, and being alive with no life support is not a skill. This would allow him to scale into endgame content and be a good Warframe. It would also incorporate more lore of Sun Wukong from Journey to the West into the game. These are all benefits, and there is no reason not to make a bad Warframe good. Defy prevents him from dying, what else can he do? Nothing, he just runs around and destroys low-level enemies like every other Warframe. Other Warframes have the ability to never die, so his defy isn’t even unique. Why would I want to use Wukong’s defy with no damaging abilities when I could use Nidus and make it way farther? I wouldn’t, but that can be fixed with this rework. This is of course a draft, so maybe if you or others provided constructive criticism, then I could alter it to your liking.
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