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  1. I am having more or less the exact same problem and completely agree with needing a host-only mode!
  2. Whenever I join a match, my loading screen freezes for a approx 5 seconds (even when I'm the host) and then resumes the animation and starts to actually load me into the game. The problem occurs when my loading bar goes past the 'E' in warframe. instead of the loading bar stopping and then jumping to the end of the bar, I'm told that I've lost connection to the host. This doesn't happen when I'm the host. If anyone joins mid-game, my game freezes for a second and they load in. However, when I (or a squad member) select a mission, the same "disconnected from host" message appears... for my squad members, as confirmed by my friend, @ItzJamieBruh. I'm running Warframe with all my graphics on low, all the fancy particle effects disabled, etc. I have 8 gigabytes of ram, total, and only use 6 when warframe and discord are running. I am running warframe on a laptop and I've changed all the settings the official solution told me to. My cpu is a core i5 with hyperthreading. Note: Despite being mastery 1, I am by no means new to the game. I've been playing on xbox for a little over 2 years and have only just now moved onto PC
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