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  1. It's nice that you can now see the ducat value of the item, but it's very troublesome to have to mouseover for information that previously was available at a glance, (like have "2 OWNED"). It's really not difficult to fix, just have the information showing even without mouseover, so you don't have to assess each item individually, but can do it all at once. And the relic overview screen doesn't have a big enough contrast between relics that you own and the ones you don't. The latter should be more dim or greyed out. It's mighty confusing at the moment. On a positive note, it is cool that you can refine in navigation when chosing, and don't need to go to void relic in the ship's back. Also, while the extract/battle screen looks nice, it is not self-explanatory enough and has little contrast between the two images, especially for somebody who hasn't already seen it or brand new to the game. Just have the words "extract" and "battle" somewhere over there.
  2. Hello, good morning! I'm a relatively new player (~30 days) from Eastern Europe, who's still trying to get the feel for the game. I try to play a bit most days when my work allows it. IGN: Laxativus Discord: Laxativus#3932 MR: 9
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