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  1. What's being completely ignored is the much simpler build using four elemental 90s (Fever Strike, Molten Impact, North Wind, Shocking Touch). This plus Pressure Point and a few fillers of choice are more than sufficient for most of the star chart. Granted it's not very good for Yam, Vodyanoi, or really much above level 50, but it's simple and most people have the mods by the time they reach the point of the OP. This approach directly answers the original question and doesn't have them worrying about needing to obtain a bunch of rare mods now to be competitive.
  2. I ran 4 rounds today of Lua Disruption. The HUD stopped updating during the first round and I didn't receive any rewards throughout. They were perfect defenses too. I've also had this same issue occur during Sanctuary Onslaught. The HUD would stop updating and I would receive no rewards. This was especially frustrating because the other person received Khora Systems, which I still needed. It only appears to happen so far when I'm not the host.
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