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  1. The Empyrean update introduced some memory leaks that have resulted in all sorts of graphical corruption in many different unpredictable ways. I've had cloud particle effects on planets or ephemera become solid; explosions of distortion when doing heavy attacks; icons replaced with gibberish; and more. At this point in time, I'd attribute any graphical glitches to that and not an individual frame being broken.
  2. One big issue that hasn't really been touched on yet, regarding all of the reworks, is that the majority of these new screens completely fail on consoles where we have to use a simulated mouse. Trying to move the cursor halfway across the screen to click something just to be forced to move it once again halfway the other direction is a complete pain. Not to mention that the trigger shortcuts for incrementing and decrementing quantities have been removed, forcing us to try and move that cursor to an extremely small button to accomplish the exact same thing.
  3. The point you have to click is not properly centered on the planet. Click around it.
  4. Testing with rivens is fine, so long as the data is not mixed in with the more important non-Riven data. It's important to have reproducible results, which is not possible with Rivens. If you test with Rivens and include it in the main datasets, your data becomes tainted and can't be trusted.
  5. Make sure that the Sacrifice Precept is in a higher priority slot than it's attack precept.
  6. Motion controls were explicitly not enabled yet for Railjack. From the original update notes. That said, I have discovered that motion controls do work when sitting at a turret on a Grineer Crewship.
  7. Nintendo Switch finally received the Keyboard auto-complete dictionary. As a player that primarily plays docked with a keyboard I find it to be extremely distracting. Not only because it takes up additional screen real-estate, but also because of the way it is currently implemented. In it's current state, an incomplete word is highlighted and this highlight has focus and pressing [Enter] first accepts the spelling of the word instead of sending the typed message to the game. This means physical keyboard users have to press [Enter] twice to send a message to the game, unless they first press [Space] at the end of the last word, though this still equates to two key presses to submit. Please give us the option to disable the auto-complete dictionary on the Switch On-Screen Keyboard.
  8. This appears to be related to what I described in another recent post.
  9. Sometimes after increasing your payload the available resources will bug out and display 888. Closing the Payload window and reopening it will refresh the available resources so they display correctly.
  10. I had this happen once to me, so far. After attempting and failing my first mission, I started another mission. This mission produced a Mission Success screen upon loading. Fighters spawned, but I didnt ever have any crew ships spawn. The Railjack and Mission HUD components were also missing with the same error message upon trying to abort. Each mission I was alone with matchmaking set to Friends Only. EDIT: This appears to happen if you fail a mission and then restart the same mission.
  11. Railjack control customization is ignored. When piloting or using a turret the game uses control bindings from General. Dismount is hard-bound to A. Aim is hard-bound to ZL. Sprint/Boost does not appear to work. [Apparently Boost requires a Piloting Rank 1 Intrinsic and it does work] While pressing forward on the L-stick I hear a repeating *chunk* and power-up sound either like it's activating forward movement over and over or it's attempt to enter Boost and failing. Other commands appear to be similarly hard-bound and can't be changed or prevent rebound controls from activating. The Look and Aim Sensitivity sliders don't appear to work. Though I'm also unsure what "(Controller)" and "(Controller Scoped)" is supposed to indicate. I use a Pro Controller and didn't notice any difference regardless of the setting. Additionally, the Railjack camera customization options do not have a proper header, and are just lumped into the bottom of the Archwing options.
  12. The highlight effect when hovering the cursor over an is intrinsic is garbled graphics. I had the Switch perform a check for corrupt data before posting this. The picture below is a link to a video.
  13. It's a bit frustrating when by appearances you have to be even mildly vitriolic to get a response. I posted this same request six months ago, and responded to another similar post a month or two later.
  14. Empyrean being delayed compared to the other platforms doesnt put us behind anything. The only reason it seems like we're behind is because there are other platforms that get the same content that have it already. The big but here is that it doesnt matter. Them having the content in no way affects the Switch players. We aren't locked out of participating in content with our friends because of this. To look at it another way, if the other platforms didnt exist, how would we be affected by this delay? The truth is, we wouldn't be affected. The only reason we were compensated for the previous delay is because we were locked out of time sensitive content. The prime vaults are on a schedule and we weren't able to participate on that schedule.
  15. How long has the game been scaling boss levels? I don't remember seeing anything about this in any recent patch notes, and I could have sworn they used to have fixed levels. I was running Fossa for the fun of it recently and wound up in a full squad. I'm MR25 and the others were MR2, 1, 1. It was my intention to just sap off the Jackal's shields and let the others deal with actually killing him. It was really slow going. At first I was thinking they just had really poorly modded weapons. When the Jackal was down around 1/4 health I finally noticed that he was level 40. I later ran the mission again solo and the Jackal's level seemed to vary from 30-40 depending upon how many weapons I had equipped. I later tried fighting the Jackal with an MR0 character and the Jackal was spawning as level 13-16. Captain Vor on Mercury was exhibiting similar level scaling behavior.
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