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  1. The Valkyr on the Jupiter Junction appears to be bugged. Hysteria is not ending properly and the Valkyr will frequently switch to shooting before it ends. This does make the Valkyr vulnerable, but the claws will still be out and as soon as it switches to melee it becomes invulnerable again without the usual animation.
  2. Why was it deemed necessary to lock buttons for combat? Mechanics should be control agnostic. We should be able to configure our buttons as we want. Things like the stances that had ZR in them should not have been coded to use ZR, but $varBlockButton instead. (I missed a notation in the patch notes about needing to reset to default controls. After doing this, I could change a few of the things that I was struggling with, but it still puts my at odds with certain other expected control behaviors.) Right now I feel that the melee changes are a gunner enhancement only. They don't do anything for me, a primarily melee player. Being unable to reconfigure my combat controls just makes it even worse. On a related aside, please make it possible to glide while in melee mode without having to see the aiming reticle for my currently equipped gun. I don't always want to zoom in if I have a sniper equipped. Being able to see where I'm gliding to is important. Similarly with wall latching. Having any sort of gun equipped makes this more obnoxious. I find the change to blocking undesirable for the express reason that I enjoy melee because it relies less on aiming. I have a hard time aiming with a gamepad in heated situations. Now I have to *aim* just to be able to block.
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