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  1. I cant speak to the requirement of [The Archwing] quest, but I have an MR0 alt with Odonata that is able to participate in Railjack missions, including Veil Proxima (8/8/8/8 intrinsics). (Edit after being marked as solution) I felt I should clarify why I cant say anything specific about [The Archwing] as a possible requirement. My alt had completed this quest and had it's Odonata before the release of Empyrean and Railjacks.
  2. It was mentioned in the past that this might be a bugged indication of a chat ban. Supposedly this was fixed in a previous update. I think the longest chat bans are two weeks, but you can submit a support ticket and they may be able to clarify the situation.
  3. This is the bugs forum, not customer support. For account issues, you'll need to submit a support ticket. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com
  4. Running solo, I can do 6 rounds in under 30 minutes, which will net you up to 260kcr. The thing to remember is that you don't have to activate each conduit right away. Even with a full squad that can each handle a demo, you're not guaranteed to have more than one conduit active at a time due to drop rates. I'm not sure if credit boosters work on disruption rewards. I remember testing this once and not seeing an effect. But, it's also been a while since I tested it.
  5. I personally like doing Earth Proxima Railjack missions. Same credits as Ceres dark sectors, and easily doable in the same time or less, depending on your archwing or railjack loadouts. Sure, you could also do Veil missions in that time frame for slightly more credits, but the barrier to entry and execution is higher. If you have or can get a Particle Ram, maxed rank, it makes quick work of Earth enemies with little stress.
  6. With the tranq gun active, when you aim with it it will beep when a conservation target is in range. You can then scan the landscape to find them by looking for a flashing image of them (even through obstacles). Avichea tend to be straight up, but not always. These issues are supposed to be fixed on consoles when the next update goes live.
  7. I just wanted to reiterate this point. Take your time. What's the point in completing as soon as possible?
  8. @[DE]George Since I cant reply to the post in the Xbox forum, im bumping this thread and linking to that one where you replied. The music volume in cutscenes already sets itself to 100%, even if its lower. Voice volume is the only one that obeys the sliders. Your solution would also require us to anticipate when a cutscene will play. I have almost all volume sliders at 10% and music at 0 in order to give more space to voice chat and make it easier to hear other audio cues like caches and demolysts. Wouldn't it be better to just have voices during cutscenes overrid
  9. Hotfixes aren't supposed to be exciting. You're looking at it all wrong if that's what you expect. They're only supposed to fix minor issues or introduce minor things like vault changes. Though I frequently wonder why some things that seem like they should be backend database changes require an update that goes through Cert.
  10. Seriously? We last had Ember & Frost from January 29, 2019 to March 26, 2019. Mag was available in the prime vault right before that, and Banshee was vaulted in December of 2018. Sure, there are people that want all different vaulted frames, but this choice doesnt make much sense to me. There are two frames that clearly have been unavailable longer (albeit not by much) and yet they're being bypassed by others.
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