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  1. No just because I speak English badly and did not see such questions. Even now I communicate with you with the help of an interpreter. I'm sorry if this is so awful for you.
  2. I am much more comfortable to play on the joysticks than on the keyboard and mouse. And I would not want that would run ballast at the Studio, which good would have to fold.
  3. I understand that it is not ears and just said on emotions, but to play the switch becomes incredibly boring, how not going to the game so there sits a maximum of a few people, the clans are offline, some people do not login the game for many months, and find a group of people in Russia with the Nintendo Switch is almost the same as a needle in a haystack.
  4. When will the cross platform be added ?I really do not like the fact that I can not play with any other due to the fact that he has a PS 4 and I have a Nintendo Switch and the number of people in the game principle. As the game will not come, how many in it don't sit, to play 10 people maximum 20 and that is very rare, why keep a separate server for a couple of hundred people? Such a simple thing that could make everything better
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