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  1. ZL closes the chat window, and you should be able to accept the invite
  2. The ability to change which shawzin I want to play simply isn't there anymore
  3. It's also worth bringing up this bug which has existed quite a long time now. When I first built my clans custom obstacle course, if a laser beam hit something, it would stop. now they go through walls indefinitely, making things WAY harder than they should've been. I unfortunately don't have a before pictures on this issue
  4. These were before: In the 2nd image you can see the "bumpers" i mentioned before. its the only picture i had, sorry its not a better picture
  5. So these are a few bugs i've noticed today. One thing I should note is that in my polychrome, under lighting, the first option is set to black so that's why its so dark. BUT it's been that was for ages and never made the room this dark. Also, there was a black bumper like piece in these top corners that has disappeared. These are now .
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