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  1. Was forced to close out the game. Pausing didnt work, buttons did nothing to exit, couldnt even access chat and let the person im trading know whats going on. Third time this happened to me. Started trade > item-select > search item and typed > ... when it showed the results i couldn't select any items. I could scroll through but thats it.
  2. This is on invasion map where there is an outer space section and then you enter a portal
  3. Always bothered me. Seems like a simple fix
  4. Tested and this can happen into missions too. While hacking a console, and when picking relics for another rotation- you can pull up chat window and double profile view to softlock yourself
  5. Title. Might also apply to dog days/rathuum
  6. How to: -be in an area where you can access chat without pressing start first. Ex) relays, iron wake, maroos bazaar, orbiter. -open chat and scroll through the names and view a players profile, then without closing out that profile, open up another profile. This is how i initially found this glitch. You can even just type /profile name. Even applies to clan profiles {clan}. You can even just type "/profile your-own-username" twice. -exit the current profile and you will be unable to move. For areas like iron wake and maroos bazaar that have no fast travel options- you are forced to leave the area. *will not work if you have already opened up any type of menu screen before doing this. Pressing start menu, or viewing one profile- closing it then trying the double view will not glitch it.
  7. One pic is when the grustrag are about to appear. The other is when they get defeated
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