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  1. Can confirm this, having happened multiple times. The only 'fix' I've noticed is if you use a different spear--While it seems to get stuck on the return animation and spins for a bit... it appears to have a better result than trying to use the new spear, getting perma-stuck, and having to abort the mission. 🤔
  2. I wondered if I was either seeing things (or lackthereof), or missing some important info. If it's timegated (bc they're 'weakened' when caught, and sometimes Son's dialog does seem to imply hurrying...), I would love to know so I have the other materials needed on-hand to combine them and make the pet before they get stuffed and put on display by him lol... Tbf, he seems like he does care about the preds and vulps, but idk if the creatures disappearing is intentional or a bug.
  3. Can confirm after dealing with the same issue.
  4. Happened to me as well--I was trying to figure out what happened for 15 mins, just shooting like an idiot lol... before checking to see if there was a bug at this part 😅
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