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  1. I’ve looked around seeing a bunch of changes but I only know about the riven changes what else has changed??? Thank you for your help
  2. Lol I know it’s all over the place basically he needs better skins without the flap on the butt and his armour needs a bit of a buff to compete with the metas like chroma and Umbral Excal and he needs either a completely different third ability to synergize with his 1st 2nd and 4th ability or a change like life steal without devour on sandstorm so that this way he can be well rounded rather than all lanky which you’ll notice if you’ve played him for a while.
  3. Ok so I’m an inaros main and I’ve played with him for 2 solid years almost every single day so I know what I’m talking about when I say this, some of his aspects are useless. Now I’m not saying he needs a buff NOT AT ALL cuz listen to me he’s #*!%ing perfect not over powered to the point that it’s game breaking but just enough to the point where you can experience everything about your arsenal without spamming abilities trying not to die. What I’m saying is that first of all his third ability is utterly useless literally nobody uses it for anything and his armor needs a bit of a buff I’d say a +100 would be perfect and his passive needs a change too that’s useless as well lol it looks super cool but that’s all just looks cool. I really really love him a loooot but his skins are horrendous too what’s with the ass flap???? Like go check out his skins and literally all of them have flaps on the back it just makes him look stupid. Honestly all I ask are better skins like look at nidus’ new skins it’s so frickin cool and oberons feyarch skin is sooooo awesome so anything like that. You know what I don’t even want any of the other things I said anymore i just want a cool skin WITHOUT AN ASS FLAP is that too much to ask?
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