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  1. 13-10 Is not a jump that would ruin the balance of the game. I don't expect there to be no leveling. I expect the leveling to be relevant.
  2. Where did I say that? If I'm just an idiot over expressing disagreements, why would I bother mentioning them? Disagreements are to be expected. Those literal words were used. Loza03 and someone else. Why do you think you can't find that anywhere on the website? If anything, you are doing the exact thing you say I am. Why do you think im so straight forward? so "agressive"? becasue I've tried this before, and am getting the same circle arguments I got last time. I'm not really making an effort to sound respectful here, and got less insults than last time.
  3. I'm not asking to change structure, I am asking someone to sit at a computer, click a file and change the number 13 to 10. I've never claimed I was " a god" at anything. How would this even be relevant? I'm saying the grinding shouldn't be there becasue it makes no sense. (For the story, at least)
  4. Actually the 150 thing was a joke
  5. Being told that i am despised, and idiot, worthless, and lazy are more insults than disagreements Everything else here is a circle argument that has already been covered(?)
  6. An ego contest because I implied I'm better at parkour than a few of my friends? And on support I just got some messages from the team. It's a no.
  7. Trying not to be. Sorry that I gave that impression. I've had people straight up insult me and they haven't been stopped. So I expect it's a no.
  8. Aaaaaand they just deleted two of my posts. I'll take that as a no then.
  9. Again people assume that getting more weapons and frames means "branching out" and "experiencing content" but, if I have rubico prime, why do I need Braton-mk1? It's not "branching" it is just adding useless hours to your play time. "Branching out" means doing quests, trying new strategies, learning new things. Not abusing hydron.
  10. Paragraph 1- I know these people and am literally the one who taught them the game. Physical skill has nothing to do with the grind, thats the point. Pararagraph 2 - Im actually at 8, and I that quote isn't related to the statement about the people I know Paragraph 3- ??? Yes, but I haven't? I don't know what you are getting at at this point.
  11. 1- Most people make arguments covered in the original post 2- If it's true, doesn't matter how it is said. I've noticed you're more reserved to insults and worthless comments than actually contributing.
  12. Pretty much everything is market available. But that doesn't make it simple, fun or relevant
  13. Has anyone here actually read the original post?
  14. Too high bc/ tedious (NOT HARD) and irrelevant 5-10 jump then 10-13 makes no sense because they are back-to-back. Walk in the park a few months after you do it maybe.
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