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  1. I like the idea, but it sounds more like a small game mode such as Wyrmius or Happy Zephyr than a PVP mode.
  2. This is a good idea. I also think the captain should have the power to overtake any position. Such as the pilot spot.
  3. I expect they just decided it was too broken. Or, the guys who do the coding are not in collaboration with the guys who write the tips - it's possible that they just made a bug and the tip guys thought it was intentional. Heck, it could have just been they gave the fix lister guy a list and it said "venari can no longer heal targets" so he assumed it was a bug. There are a bunch of explanations, and I honestly don't think this was done with some kind of malicious intent. (Just... why?) Though good eye for spotting it, I guess. There are some pretty stupid people here, whining about you bringing it up, but honestly, you even said you didn't mean to sound rude. So I recommend just ignoring those saltbags.
  4. Of course, after hours grinding to get a new reactor, I built it, but can't claim it - I need more "slots". These slots are wasted by random armaments, which I cannot figure out how to get rid of. Any help?
  5. I like to play the way I prefer, with my volt, but I still manage to barely scrape by. I understand that every game has a meta, but perhaps warframe's is a bit too narrow.
  6. I think that they are doing it just because it is easier with game development to set a whole time-frame than change it between platforms. Surprisingly easier. Though I do agree it seems a bit unfair. Perhaps they'll do something else to make it up to PC players.
  7. Good for you. I've seen enough salt in these forums to put down the pringles industry.
  8. By "clipping", I think he means through invisible walls when there shouldn't be - like near the forge on a railjack. Of course, it may lead to some mapping problems, but it's an interesting idea.
  9. In railjack, sometimes when I leave a crewship after blowing up the reactor, I will continue to have screen wobbling until I enter another grineer crewship. /unstuck, entering the railjack or any other action does not fix it. Entering the forward artillery makes it worse. This only seems to happen when enemies destroy the crewship I'm on, or I destroy the reactor with a melee weapon.
  10. One more thing - I'm also reading a lot about how there is no 100% sure way to get the resources you want. A guy above mentioned "bounties" for all factions, that reward massive amounts of polymer or nitain. There must be a way to get these resources. An indefinite thing you, for a reward of the precise thing you want. It doesn't have to be easy, but if it's hard it best be rewarding.
  11. Everyone's talking about enemies becoming too easy to kill, so my recommendation is to dramatically decrease the amount of enemies on missions, but make them smarter and harder (Not more unfair). This could be done by giving them better tactics or dodging, and buffing them up. Assuming the tennocon 2019 trailer is what war frames are meant to be like, we see the frames running and dodging the bullets, harrying with an array of fire in between. Not tanking it all as they walk towards a helpless lancer. They also used a fair aspect of stealth, which I think should be brought back into the game. We could put hit stun into the game for the enemies, to keep the stronger versions from chewing through us while we attack them. I also suggest making warframe powers stronger. For example, exalted weapons have become irrelevant. Resources could be balanced out with fewer enemies by making them more common, both as drops and caches, and each places rare resource should have at least one deposit somewhere random on the map, so player don't spend 35 minutes looking for neuroses that aren't there. In general, a good combat game makes people watching think "wow, he's pretty skilled", like Breath of the Wild, Dark Souls or the old smash brothers. Sometimes I jump and roll around even though I don't have to because it makes me feel more skilled. Also, on switch it is extremely rare to get a squad, much less a full one, even with a discord or active alliance like I have. So I'm seriously considering bots. When you find no open squad and wait for 15 seconds on looking for players, you'll get a notice saying something like "it seems no Tenno are in the area. Would you like lotus to send you one of her operatives?" This could be like a Tenno specter in the index, though smarter, or a syndicate guy, though stronger. These would obviously be optional, to keep them from ruining spy missions or stuff like that.
  12. I just re watched the tennocon 2019 presentation, and there's a lot of stuff I wish they'd put in the game. I loved how the grineer chatted among themselves in the opening, and while it may be a bit distracting it was a nice touch. I think the exploring ancient ruins parts was awesome, and finally I liked how the kuva lich was done. He had an intimidating name (Bug Jeloo, anyone?) And actual seemed like a villain. He had a nice voice and looked very S C A R Y. Rather than just some annoying person who won't shut op and steals your rivens, he actually seemed like an opponent. I think the liches should be made more scary - they've just become another thing to farm.
  13. Mercies should be more prominent and relevant. Increase the amount of health required to use them, as enemies are just one button click away from dying when it is ready.
  14. I agree with everything you've said. My fix is to speed up everything in the game, including progression. Making everything cheaper, but not to the point where you can get to endgame is 5 hours. I think that resources, all of them, should have at least one method of 100% chance of getting, same with mods, but this would get harder as the rarity increased. For example, you want argon crystals? Go here, do this. You got one (or two). Anything dropped from enemies is an added bonus. Limit RNG, this is just too prominent in the game. Streamline progress - why do I have to build an archwing launcher segment before I can actually build the archwing launcher? Just let me get what I want. The game becomes unfair, not hard. As for enemies, actually fighting with them is fun, but when you want that requiem mod, and you die every half second against level 70s, it stops being fun. I think the stronger ones should have methods of killing - like battalysts, where you have to break the tubes before you break it. As for what would make us feel rewarded, actually getting what we're trying to (mod, resource, blueprint, weapon) should be good enough.
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