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  1. Well, I see a big problem here, serration/point blank/hornet strike/pressure point are those mods you WANT maxed. After those the multishot mods, then depending on the weapon the criteria mods, 90 elemental or 60/60 elemental. Be also sure to build the right elements for the enemies you fight.
  2. The main problem is that just have one in range, even if behind 10 walls, it will still drain energy even if you have no idea where it is, that's the major complain, not the drain itself
  3. Doing the viral daily worked for me yesterday, try to complete a daily and see if it fixes it
  4. We have it on switch too, someone more than others, it's really annoying To OP, I would like the old loading back, with the diorama with frames and enemies fighting, and have it change for each tileset/mission type
  5. Bug, but didn't happen on any of my clanmates. Mmh, wondering if there was a stealth hotfix or it just works, I'll check tomorrow hoping for it to work
  6. Well, I hope OP at least select the eidolon bounty instead of joining randomly. I don't think it's even hard to find a tridolon team at night time, j did it on dead hours on switch too, of course you can go 5x3 (or 2x3 on switch) but it's still better than randomly joining a pub squad
  7. Damn, ninjaed. Since OP seems a new guy,I think low level defense are his best bet, it drops on rotation B, so wave 15/35/55/etc
  8. Well, looking at OP, you don't need more statues. The problem are the already completed ones, that give no standing (tried the assassination one) and I have yet to try the ayatan one for my self,short on ambers and it shows it incomplete at 5/3 statues
  9. I'm fine with it, I don't think anyone cares if players can get 2 more brilliant each run, as long as only 3 arcanes no vet that runs 5x3 would care
  10. Idk when it was added, but just jump on your kdrive and you'll see them in the map, the just mark one and go to it
  11. Yeah, sure, use your brilliant shard (1 for eidolon) to summon them, meanwhile I keep mine. It's the same reason on why now razorback ciphers are removed from all players regardless of who opens the door
  12. Well, just deactivate the remember me in those situations, and let the disconnect option not keeping the password saved
  13. Normal one works too, but I agree that everyone should build a custom kdrive during/after this nightwave challenge, building one with all rank 1 parts is really cheap standing wise, and you are ready for the challenge to appear again
  14. Do you get random clicks in other situations? Because it may be a problem with your mouse, maybe some dust or the usage
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