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  1. Because Loki players run solo. And just because you see them having something in their profile, it doesn't mean they didn't sell it after leveling it up
  2. No one of the other thousands of players never noticed it. Jokes aside Just searching "Warframe third orb" even gives you a wiki page about it. We where supposed to fight it, but with how DE tends to forget of released content, I doubt we are going to get that boss fight.
  3. I don't think i'll buy it but ty for the video, with 2 colors it looks way cooler than with the plain light blue they used.
  4. Even so, they may find a way to make plat platform locked (mostly to avoid me getting discounted plat on PC to buy tennogen on console for less than what I would have payed). That way even if I have thousands of plat on PC I can't make use of them on consoles.
  5. DE already stated that they are working on cross saves, so we can only hope to get it asap
  6. I think some toxic players are on PC too, that's normal. But as both PC and console player I think that on PC a player skill can easily outcome a more "easy mode" loadout so people tend to ignore it, while on consoles the movement/camera controls are not so precise, so I can see players getting angry at newbies using aoe weapons and such to have an easy life
  7. I hope you made a screenshot of the chat and reported them. I can imagine you finding matching problems on conclave and trying your best to get even matches, I mean, conclave population is so low even on PC that's usually hard to even find a match, let alone with only people on your level. Hope you best luck on your efforts
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