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  1. I read repeatedly through the hotfix, trying to figure out how Loki would be better against the Exploiter Orb... and then I read your comment for the third time, and realized you meant game exploiters, not the Exploiter Orb.
  2. True Steel is the melee Crit Chance mod. Why is Organ Shatter in here instead?
  3. Sure did. And you can even see how it fits with my reading if you check out my other comments. But hey, why worry about what the other words mean? Just fixate on that one.
  4. One day, perhaps you'll learn that being unjustifiably confident that you have the answer is not superior to looking for answers.
  5. It doesn't say that anywhere, and there's no way you can justify that interpretation. It is, in fact, complicated. The fact that we read it different ways is more than enough evidence of this. Not complicated would be this: "We have added ways to acquire Toroids." Also not complicated would be this: "Toroids are no longer acquired from specific locations. Instead you now acquire Toroids from these enemies:" As for dissecting, I didn't. That was how I read it in the first place. The dissection was so you could understand why I saw it the way I did. Now, I've had enough of you telling me your opinion is more correct than mine or that your reading comprehension is superior to mine, so you have a lovely day.
  6. Seriously, what the hell don't you people understand about the word "simply"? I changed my dog walking habits to simply go around the apartment. This does not suggest I still go to the park to walk my dog. "Changes to acquisition" and "simply act as an added chance" is confusing, at best, if the intention is to indicate that there are now more ways to acquire them.
  7. Sure, like it says, an added chance while you're doing other things, and a replacement.
  8. Can't keep it? I thought you had a limited time to buy it not to use it.
  9. " We are making some changes to Calda, Sola, and Vega Toroid Acquisition to simply act as an added chance / change of scenery for acquiring Toroids." See the whole sentence? "changes to acquisition" "simply act" The implication being that acquiring toroids is now an added chance while you're doing other things. But hey, thanks for your input.
  10. Why? This sounds terrible. Calda and Sola will take forever to get in any decent numbers. They'll also be harder to get for low level players. Vega will be incredibly easy to farm off Deck 12 Exploiter Orb. Edit: Wait, this reads like this will be the only way to get them, but you didn't actually say you were removing the old way to acquire. Is that intended to still be in?
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