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  1. I would like there to be, most likely in an options menu, a way to stop the railjack from auto levelling. What i mean is the railjack automatically orients itself to an unseen or unknown plane while in a purely three dimensional space. If there is no up or down on space then why does my railjack spin on its own to acheive some kind of up and down. I would like a toggle in the options under controls to turn off this auto rotate. Trying to aim while piloting is hard enough, but then the railjack rotates on its own, with no rhyme or reason, makes it even harder.
  2. Can you see about making a toggle in the options under railjack to remove the auto leveling of your railjack. It spins around too much on its own and makes it hard to aim when piloting.
  3. Many people have all ready stated this but no matter what archgun I bring to the operation it will receive no XP when I return to the orbiter. I just finished my voidrig the other day and so I got the masulon fresh. I have a riven for my fluctus I would like to put on but can't. Got the duel decurions which seem like they would be nice with a couple of forma. I have maxed out my voidrig four times to fit more forma but no matter what archgun or how it says maxed out during the op, wether I'm the host or client, when I return to the orbiter it zeroes back out. Makes this opera
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